Friday, February 10, 2012

Big Time

There are those folks in your life who often send you little lifelines when you are floundering about with your difficulties, even though often their OWN difficulties are massive by comparison. Elizabeth is one such person. She is one of a group of people who I count among those who often send me 'pings'.

Whats a 'ping'?

Maybe there is a technical term for it, but to me it is just the word I use for those words of encouragement that people send when others in our blogging community go dark. You know, like what I have done of late.

I'm not entirely sure if it is an accurate way to describe what a submarine does to find out if another submarine is still out there in the water, but I think it is, so I use the word. See, when one of us does go dark, it usually is not a good sign.

Sometimes it is. Most of the time? Nope.

Elizabeth will be a part of a Webinar, a Live Question and Answer session, on Valentine's Day, entitled Using Technology to Communicate with Your Developmentally Disabled Child. You'll note that when you click on the link in the title, that it is a reference to Part II.

The first Webinar, the one I did not post about, you can find at this link.

That sound you hear? I mean, other than the garbled sound from the Webinar? :)

That sound is me dropping the ball. I should have had this info to you sooner, and I could make the excuses in regards to the things I have been mentioning regarding Bennett, but the fact is, I should be a better friend than this. A better community member than this.

One day, I hope I can be.

In two days, I will have been a part of this community for three years. THREE. Feels like an eternity. Feels like yesterday. With everything else going on, that impending anniversary, even though it is just a freaking DATE, has my head spinning...big time. I wake up to a racing heart and anxiety. I barely sleep.

Why? Makes no sense at all. It is just a day.

Weird huh?

Anyway, check out the Webinar. I love that word. Webinar. Sounds like a Spidey villain or something. :)



  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Ken! And your submarine "ping" metaphor is lovely. I imagine you provide many pings for many people as well.

  2. Sometimes. Lately I provide two things. One is jack. The other? Well...

    I just need to get over this 3-Year hump I think...


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