Thursday, March 22, 2012

Playing House...Badly

I had this post, a very lengthy one (imagine that) with a theory as to what the Hell was wrong with me. In regards to me leg/joint/groin/back pain. Not in general what is wrong with me. We'll NEVER be able to figure all that out in a single blog entry, so I won't even try! :)

But then I didn't get it finished before I went to see my primary care physician, and all my theories?

Blown to bits.

I'd make a terrible television doctor. None of my theories panned out. At least, not according to my Doc. He checked me out for a possible hernia and did not detect any, and all the other things I thought? Nada. The end result of the consultation was that he said he would be hooking me up with a Physical Therapist to try to work on my back, which he did feel was being compressed because of my newest duties as Bennett's designated driver to and from his 'school alternative'.

That is the place he goes every Monday through Friday instead of school, essentially. Jen got a new job as of about a month ago, and Your Truly has been the one who now drives him there, every day, there and back again. But whereas Jen drove him on her way to the job she had, I drive him from here at the house, so I therefore return to the house, since as was mentioned in the last blog I do not technically have a job in the true sense of the word, although I do work and maintain an income while maintaining a home-based business.

That means I now spend 2 hours, +/-, in the car, instead of around 5 minutes, every few days, in the car. Something in my back (and I do have a pre-existing degenerative disc condition from 2004-2005) is being aggravated by this extra pressure of the commute, and so my arms and legs can often feel like they are dipped in hot lava, my neck and back as well. But other areas of my body can also feel as if I am being stabbed or burned. Pins and needles too, and also cold, and numbness, all interchangeable, and of course pain unlike I have ever known.

And it isn't always limited to when I drive anymore. When I sit at a computer now, and even when I stand. The only time I used to get relief was when I would lie down. But that was about a week ago. Now I get no relief at all.


It has become a constant. It doesn't stop it only gets easier to manage some of the time. Also, now sometimes the crown jewels retreat into the fortress of solitude and don't come out for a while, and they hurt also.

It's freaking weird...migrating pain.

I've had back pain before, dealt with it a long time, and this is different than any I have experienced prior. I guess it can still be just that, but it is amazing that it would fire off in so many different places in so many different ways. And this level of intensity?

Did I mention that I also have a swelling and pressure in my throat that had me concerned so I went to the ENT yesterday just to rule out any lymph node issues, and I did not have any, but my ENT did notice a mass of some kind on my vocal cords? I have to get a laryngoscopy the first week of April to identify what this mass actually is. In his cursory exam, he said I shouldn't worry too much because there wasn't really enough evidence for him to believe it was anything to be concerned about like cancer, so I should keep those thoughts locked out (I do like my ENT, he rocks), but he wants to try to figure it out to get the pressure in my throat eliminated.

Does this suck it OR WHAT!?!?

It sucks not knowing anything. And waiting day after day for any momentum or progress towards anything resembling a STEP ONE on the back thing? Maddening. So meanwhile I just spend the rest of the time worried about what I might be dealing with and in agonizing pain to boot. NICE.

I tried asking a Magic 8 Ball for an answer as to what is causing this. Got a really strange response.

I should have known...



  1. Oh geez, are you KIDDING me?!?! that really sucks! I hope the PT helps. My back has been bothering me (but not to the extent of yours) and even the minor aches really take a toll. Wishing you speedy health/recovery. :(

  2. Wow, I cannot imagine what you are going through each day with no end in sight. Really sorry you are having to endure this. Is trying a chiropractor an option for you? I know quite a few people that say it can relieve back pain, at least for a period of time. Hang in there Ken.

  3. Yeah...but, how much is too much? wink

  4. I will say this though...I wonder what I would be feeling like if I had NOT stopped eating garbage. I really do.

    Now, having said that, if this state had medical marijuana? I'd be getting it. Hands down. I am in such pain it is a constant source of just bullshit in my life, and I really don't want to go down Hydrocodone Road.

    At least the grassy knoll is a bit more natural.

  5. Sucks! I also wonder about a chiropractor...many of them do more than just crack backs.

  6. I know how hard it is to be in constant pain. I was having severe cranio-facial pain for months and no one really understood. A week ago I saw a neurologist and he put me on trileptal. I have had only ONE pain episode since! I had been having up to 8 episodes a day, couldn't work, couldn't sleep. It's been a complete turn around. I hope you, too, find you "miracle drug" that makes you better.


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