Friday, June 8, 2012

Completely Confused

I don't get it.

Yeah, I witnessed a monster performance of sports mastery last night.

And yeah, it was pretty spectacular.

I want to like this guy, or at least not hate on him, and I am actually a new convert to this sport. This is, in fact, my VIRGIN season. And certainly I am not into the idea of throwing a beverage at ANY player when they exit the floor, Boston fans ought to be a bit embarrassed about that one (sorry, Eric, but it's true).

Now, I started to get my fancy tickled by this game of hoops just as the above-mentioned Superstar was giving the big 'FU' to what will become 'My Team', the Cleveland Cavaliers. But I got over it even though it was a douchey move in the way he did it. And I don't have that much invested in in the NBA yet, though I am liking it as my Number 2 Sport. The NFL will always be my wife. The NBA can ONLY be my secret lover. EVER.

And this guy has done nothing to me personally. NOTHING.

But can someone explain to me why I WANT to see him fail?

It makes NO sense to me whatsoever. I feel somewhat sub-human for this reaction. Sucks.



  1. Wow, if you Google "why do people hate LeBron James" you get an amazing amount of hits. There is even an web site where you can buy t-shirts. I don't really follow pro basketball much, although I did hear about him leaving Cleveland. Seems like a lot of people feel the same way you do.

  2. Now, basketball I can relate to -- but I'm more of a college b'ball gal. Those big pros kind of make me feel ill. I prefer to remember my freshman year at UNC-Chapel Hill when we won the NCAA and MJ's sister lived in my dorm --

  3. F-U Lebum. I hate that man. And I'm from Cleveland.

  4. Little known fact: I coached basketball for 10 years (yes, it was jr. high girls, but still...) I hate watching it, though. It is my least favorite spectator sport. That is unfortunate because by a total fluke (in the form of free tickets to a college game) I found out that Super-T is totally in love with it. I see local college season tickets in our future. Anything for the kid, you know.

  5. No worries Ken, I totally agree about the beverage throwing. . . They should have thrown something heavier.

    I kid. I kid.

    As for Lebron, the personality trait that leads a person to get an enormous tattoo across his back that reads "Chosen 1" (and do it before he's actually accomplished anything) makes him worthy of my disdain.

    That being said, what he did on that court last night makes me worry he might be right. Even if he is, I'm not ever going to root for him.

  6. I don't know why I don't like him, Kevin, but in this region you are correct, it is rampant. Maybe Eric is right, the tat certainly doesn't help. It's pompous.

    Justine, it is ironic that Super-T loves it, because that was the tipping point for me and this sport.

    I was searching for a Number 2. Need something to fill the offseason ffrom football. It was between this and a couple of other sports, but Bennett LOVES basketball. To watch it I mean.

    So that clinched it. I mean, he will stay in the room, engage with the TV and scream, in Benglish, 'BAYSH-KEE-BAWWWWW!!!!!' in complete joy, how could I NOT make this my Number 2?

  7. Here's my take on LeBron. He really was a good guy around the Cleveland area. Did some really nice things for young kids which I had the opportunity to watch with my very own eyes. He was a HERO to a city that was decaying, badly. He gave us hope and a small glimmer into something better. We truly believed in him. In a big way.

    And then he went on national television and wiped our faces in our own mud. That's why we hate him. Do I blame him for that. Not entirely. His entourage got power hungry. And those he trusted made him out to look like a fool. So not only did he diss a city, he got dissed in a way.

    His behavior from that point on has never been the same. LeBron knows he did wrong. So he is now acting like a spoiled brat but I think he will come around. Physically he is a huge man, inside he is a wounded little boy.


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