Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daturday Adventures

A brief excursion to ToysRUs for no reason other than to spend time with Carter. And no, sadly, this is not my local TRU store.


Looked around at some stuff, all the while fending off 'Can I get this?' and 'Can I get that?', with a smile, since that is what I was there for. But since he had a spending limit it was good to be able to make him read the prices and figure a lot of that out on his own.

In the end he settled on this:

Not a bad haul for a 'No Reason' buy. I just hadn't seen the kid in a while and set the limit at 20, and besides, he doesn't have any kind of current allowance earning potential with school out, so I am coming out ahead to be honest with you.

A bit off-topic, but I gotta say...if the trailers and the merchandise are ANY indication, I am going to despise the new Amazing Spider-Man movie. Looks to me like they have taken my favorite Marvel character and turned it into what will be my least-favorite Marvel movie. EVER. Even worse than this.

Oh well, what are ya gonna do?.

Late lunch with Carter and then some chit-chat and now back home. It was a more of a chatty Daturday than usual, with no real 'event' to get in the way, since he was gone most of the week.

Liked it. Nuff Said.



  1. Sounds like a perfect Daturday. Probably just what you both needed.

    We headed to our local Lego Store last weekend. Yep, wall to wall, nothing but Legos. Heaven for my resident Lego fanatic.He bought a set from that same series. Some Funhouse thingy that was built in under 20 minutes. He cannot wait for the new Batman Visual Dictionary to come out. Just bummed it won't be until September. Those books have been money well spent.

    Hope the rest of your weekend with the family is wonderful my friend

  2. I have that batman vs catwoman set! It's cool! Careful though it led to the Lex Luthor in armour vs Superman/Wonder Woman set! And that made me want to get the progressively MORE expensive ones (although so far I've resisted) :D


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