Thursday, June 7, 2012


In order to keep up a string of 30 posts, there is going to be that occasional time where I have basically got nuthin'.

This is one of those times.

Busy day and I didn't have any cohesive thoughts worth sharing. Fuggin' struggle as my first couple of days off the ADD stuff has been weird. Haven't started the switch from Topamax to Lamictal, but I will. But whenever I go into Medication Switcharooville it is really hard to muddle through the murky shitpool that is my brain.

Sorry, that's how it goes.

But I want to maintain my streak, so it's just me rambling like a lunatic and a few random photos, some sent to me by friends, others I have stumbled across on the net through my own various searches.

By total accident by the way.

You'd be surprised the images that come up when I do searches for visual stuff to go along with the text that I write. It's crazy. Like this one.

I swear on the life of my kids that I was not looking for ANYTHING that was remotely related to any of the three main subjects in that photo, that being Batman and...well, the other two things that kinda jump out at you.

I guess I better quite while I'm behind.

Besides, it's about an hour until the Celtics/Heat.

Bennett really digs Basketball. Have I mentioned that? And since we had to let our Home Health Aide go this week, it's good to have something on the TV that he can sort of get into. I set up the Playskool hoop in the living room and we both take shots during the game.

He wins every time.

Well, maybe we both do.



  1. Darn, I thought I had disabled that right click feature. I can't believe people are still using my old bat shirt pic. I'm so embarrassed as that shirt is a little worn out:)

  2. Joyce is lying. That was me, five years ago. My waistline is slightly larger today.

  3. Actually yer BOTH was me. I...have a confession I'd like to make.

    I'm BATMAN.


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