Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gods of Thunder


Like I said in a comment reply to Justine, who writes Metamorphosis, when I was trying to figure out why in the world I want to see Lebron James fail so much when I am a fairly new convert to the NBA, the reason I started to watch basketball with more intensity this year, the reason I decided to become a FAN, is basically because of Bennett.

He was the tipping point.

I was searching for a Number 2 to the NFL as far as sports go. Needed something to fill the offseason from football, because it is just TOO long to go without sports.

No way could I go back to baseball. I've just been too betrayed by it, the Orioles owner is still a douchbag and frankly the sport itself just is too damn slow. Though I could write an entire blog about steroids and how they affected my love of the game.

It was between this and a couple of other sports, but Bennett LOVES basketball. To watch it I mean. We sit together and he imitates me and my reactions.

His favorite? A sound I make when someone makes a good defensive play (must be the Raven in my blood) but I make a sound that is sort of like 'Whoa-HO-Hoh!' Now he has taken to imitate that quite a bit.

Today at school they told me that they were looking for something on the TV to settle him down. He's a bit out of sorts from what may be a urinary tract infection so he is taking some antibiotics even though he tested negative for the infection. We don't want to take the chance since he can't TELL us how he really feels so we have to play a guessing game.

Nothing was really working until they stumbled on some Michael Jordan special on a sports channel, and he was all in. By the time he greeted me at the door, it was not hello, it was 'Whoa-HO-Hoh!'

I've made the right choice.



  1. Hey....I can hear you saying that in my mind....can't wait to hear his imitation! (you do know I WILL catch up with you in Halo!?)

  2. Love this post, and not just for the shout out. (Although "writes" is a pretty strong word for someone who only managed one real post in May and none so far in June.) Isn't it exciting when our kids take an interest in something!

  3. Filled with awesome, this post is.

  4. So great to hear you have found something that can soothe Bennett and also give you some time together to bond. Game 4 ending was pretty dramatic as well. Is it safe to assume you are rooting for OK City?

  5. An EXCELLENT question. I have a lot to write about this experience, as you can imagine, because it is unique to be in this when I flirted before and am now all in. Lots of angles to it and it might make an interesting post because there are lot of angles particularly because of my history with Cleveland and the Ravens and hatred in sports or just people in general.

    I'm cooking something up.

    Short answer? I am rooting for good basketball. I would love to see it go to game 7, I REALLY would. But the games themselves have been some of the best of the entire playoffs.

  6. That boy is a Tar Heel! Tell him that your good friend Elizabeth was in MJ's class in college.


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