Saturday, June 9, 2012

I Have NO Idea

I'm just keeping the streak alive.

Bennett has been his usual nightmarish self today, our family is on the brink of Armageddon, and I haven't got a lot on my mind that is worth writing that is pleasant, but I don 't want to not keep up with the pledge of going for thirty days in a row. So I thought I'd toss in yet another from my Weird Finds Folder, that place I store all the junk that I come across when I'm looking for pics and I find something that didn't necessarily fit what I was going for but I kept the picture anyway.

I'm pretty sure I was looking for something regarding 'celebration'.


One of the two.



  1. That is one disturbing picture.

  2. Can we give you ideas to write about?

  3. That picture could cover a lot of territory, actually...

  4. Yeah sure. I have some ideas, but can always use more. Can't promise I would write 'em, but I will always be open to hearing suggestions.

    What, you no likee celebrations? :)

  5. Thank you my friend. I'll be dreaming tonight for sure.

  6. Is that the rest of his costume on the right? And a smashed water bottle in the left? I'm with A -- there's a lot to cover in that photo. I'm sorry to hear about the incipient Armageddon.

  7. Oh I like celebrations it's barely covered shiny man junk that is the issue. But I know that's not fair if girls can run around in shiny bikinis guys should be able to also. It still disturbs me ;)

  8. hahaha! Holey Shmoley! collecting potatoes in there buddy?? LOL!

  9. This picture reminds me of the video in Youtube "who needs pockets?"



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