Friday, June 15, 2012

Lest Anybody Freaketh

The only reason there has been a rather lengthy delay today in the posting of a blog entry is because I have had Bennett all day. Today was an off day, a RARE off day, at the SBSA center that provides his ABA therapy treatment.

Though they do have a full week off in July and another in August, that is it for the summer. No other summer time off as far as I know.  And today obviously.

Not a terrible day, to be honest. He just requires constant attention and almost 100% focus. Like a King. I took him to the park for a while, and we BOTH had reactions to the sun. Friggin' Lamictal.

I also beaned myself in the head right into the monkey bars, and must have been dazed because I then backed into a pole with the car in the parking lot. I was a bit fuzzy driving home. Dolt.

Still...he enjoyed it. Loves to slide and swing that one.

And nope, I haven't heard a thing about the CT Scan from yesterday, in case anyone cares.

Carter came back last night, but I didn't get to see much of him. His cousin Jack came with him, so I haven't had much of a chance to hang with Carter. This weekend perhaps. I missed him.

Speaking of missing, I also missed the last 1/2 of the third quarter and the entire fourth quarter of Game 2 of the NBA Finals last night, which Bennett was enjoying WITH me, because of my shitty HD DVR receiver from DirecTV. Today they finally agreed to replace it.

Why I have to pay for shipping is totally beyond my comprehension.

DAMN YOU, NFL Sunday Ticket. DirecTV has me by my occasionally retracted...well, you get the point.



  1. The trick to MRI, CT, x-rays etc is to ask to see them as soon as the tech takes you out of the machine. They love to show off there work.

    Then point to some part of it and say, "that looks weird" and they will launch into reading the scan for you to show off there knowledge of the image.

    Hospital staff love playing Dr House as much as we do.

  2. You won't want to know this, but that is the last thing in the world I wanted to hear.

    Prior to the test, people were asking for discs. Around 65% of the people asked, all received discs.

    When I got done with the test, the demeanor of the two techs was 100% different, and I am fairly good at reading people. They could not wait to get me out the door.

    I asked for a copy of the disc, and was told that my doctor would be in touch with any results.

    No one would look me in the eye. At all.

    I'm like Sherlock Holmes in the way I observe human behavior in social situations. BUT, I have to factor in my fears and anxieties too. There is about a 20-25% chance this was just me being anxious and paranoid. Or something is amiss that they were not wishing to speak about.

    Especially the tech who kept her hand on the door handle the entire time I was putting stuff back in my pockets getting ready to leave, ready to open the door for me, when her station was not getting prepped for the next person and I was taking my sweet time to see how long she would maintain that position. She stayed right there, ready to usher me out, looking at the floorboard. I even dropped my pen within a few feet to see what she would do. Nothing. I picked it up myself.

    She wanted me out.

    Maybe they were just behind schedule? Perhaps. I try not to reach conclusions until all the facts are in.

  3. Its an ugly paradox. You want to get good results free of bad things, but on the other you want answers to your health issues.

    For me getting "good" results isn't what I am looking for. I want answers to physical issues. I am looking for a cause that isn't super bad. Just a simple reason for the pain/issues. For me a bad scan is good.

    Someday if I ever get the chance to run the zoo my first order of business will be to make test results a mandatory asap priority. Its not nice to torture people and make them wait.

    Hope the weekend passes quickly and you get called on Monday.

  4. Good or bad, hopefully you will find out what is causing your issues, and then they can do something about it. Whatever the results, there may now be a course of action and that is progress.

    I can't help but comment on DirecTV. I recently took a survey for them and let them know if it wasn't for their lock on Sunday Ticket I would switch providers. I also let them know that their price for it is extortion, and ridiculously high. Not that it will matter. As you say, they have us by the .......


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