Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Play Date

Amidst a sea of seemingly bleak posts, and granted, deservedly so as we have hit a very rough patch, one way of showing that there is in fact some diversity, that Life Ain't All Bad, one need only look at the difference between the two phone calls that transpired today.

One, involving setting up a meeting of a legal nature which was a complete bummer for me and although perhaps in the end it could be a good thing I have to admit that the act of making the call was one of the more difficult things I have had to do in a really, really, long time.

The other phone call was much more pleasant, the act of being able to speak to an old friend about his birthday, with which he celebrates the milestone of reaching his 45th year.

One of his gifts this year is an X-Box 360, and I was able to contribute a Gift Card to help with his online membership to the X-Box Live Community of Geekness. So while we used to spend some time when we were young pre-teens playing Dark Tower, nerding it up on a Saturday night, now we can shoot the hell out of each other in HALO or other such nonsense, while our wives busily fill out divorce papers since we will clearly be neglecting our familial responsibilities.

Well, we'll have to be sure we don't do that.




  1. gaaaahhhh! I freakin' LOVE Dark Tower!!! I don't understand why they never re-released that as finding a complete, working on on Ebay will cost you a pretty penny. I never had the game, but my buddy Kent did, and much like you describe, we'd chill out on the weekends playing it. I got to play it one more time about 9 years ago when my old boss became obsessed with vintage board games and he footed the bill to get one and it was every bit as fun as it was 25 years ago.

    All that being said, glad there's a bright spot to your week and that you're able to reconnect with an old friend.

  2. Woot for playing games with friends. In school my friend and I used to watch Nash Bridges and play Battleship over the phone on Friday nights.

  3. Wow I never knew there was a dark tower game. Good thing, or I would have had to try and get it! I absolutely love the books. Have fun with the Xbox!

  4. Well it looks like the board game isn't related to the books at all. My bad. Still looks like a pretty cool game though.

  5. This post made me laugh. Aaaahhh...geeky teen years.


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