Thursday, June 14, 2012

See Tee

Here I sit, in a waiting room, anxious as Hell.

After four months or so, I am having a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis to try to get some answers regarding the medical mystery I have been living with.

I remember telling you all that it was once suggested to me by my wife that this pain could be all in my head. Psycho-somatic. A reasonable suggestion given my history.

As I sit here, my heart racing so fast that the iPad is shaking as if I am keeping beat to a song, I almost hope it is. I did not anticipate being this nervous.

But to be honest, I cannot remember a time in a medical facility when I was this scared.

Well I can, I just don't like thinking of those days.

I will say this...the shit they make you drink? NASTY.



  1. It will all be over soon......then we can play Halo!! sorry I'm not there.

  2. Hope they get you some answers and an reasonable plan for getting to a non-pain-wracked state.

    calm blue ocean...
    calm blue ocean...
    calm blue ocean...

  3. Thinking about you -- it's always, always the waiting and wondering that's the most difficult.

  4. Good luck Ken! Will be sending good thoughts your way.


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