Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swing And a Miss

Lest anyone think that this has turned into a Fox Sports blog, I just haven't got anything in the tank today, so I am pretty sure, right from the get-go, that this one is going to be a strikeout.

So why bother writing it?

Because I said I would. I foolishly made the commitment to write a blog a day for the month of June. And for some reason I cannot explain, I feel like now that I have rounded the corner on the halfway mark I HAVE TO COMPLETE THE TASK.

Some are gonna be good.

And some?

Well, crickets will be heard chirping in the background. Like they are now. Even if I try to show one of the things I was working on today, part of a massive amount of photographs I have to re-do. Here's a random sampling of some of them.

See? What'd I tell you.

I hear chocolate covered crickets aren't very tasty.



  1. Dr. Manhattan is cool! I want to kill the Ewok....

  2. I'm speechless but I'm here:)

  3. I don't comment often, but I always read. I'm not huge on sports, unless it has to do with the Cubs, but no one ever writes anything about the Cubs because they never manage to do anything worthy of writing lol.


  4. I like the attention to posing each're pretty "artsy" aren't you?
    Changed my outgoing message this evening.

  5. I ate a cricket at a 6th grade outdoor camp. Wasn't bad.

    I like Batgirl.I am a Batgirl kinda girl. That is Batgirl, isn't it? The outfit is throwing me. Shouldn't she be in black?

    I guess since I don't know for sure, that kinda blows my chance in asking for her, uh?

    Seriously though, proud of you for keeping up.No matter the post content.

  6. They ALL look cool but Doc Manhattan and Batgirl (Yeah Zoey's Mom that IS Batgirl. She has several outfits to choose from in her sordid career :))are the ones I'd buy on sight!

  7. wait, is that...Kurt Cobain??? If so, I want it :D


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