Friday, June 22, 2012

Tell Us How You REALLY Feel

A local Cleveland meteorologist doing the forecast after the Miami Heat win Game 5 of the NBA Finals last night. That is too funny. But hey, I admire the guy's passion.

I'm super conflicted about Lebron James. I have some thoughts, a lot of them, that I need to sort out. Not even sure I want to do it here. Or should.

Hell, some people in Cleveland have an automatic bias against me because I am a Ravens fan. When I go to the Clinic with Bennett and wear my hat I have to use caution about when and where I wear it. Now if I start to say anything positive about LeBron I might get more comments like yesterday's. And Sweet Odin's Wolf, I sure don't need THAT!



  1. Now listen up little girl, and listen closely. My wife took down that post last night, after laughing at it. She thought it wasnt right to be so direct and honest to mental invalids......./shrug

    Ive read thru most of your 'blog' entries and my god man, you cry alot, lmao! Damn dude, I know you have zero testosterone but to advertise that fact so openly is sad.

    This is sadly the state of quite a few men in America. I call it the PUSSIFICATION OF AMERICA. Men like you who cry at the drop of a hat, who show zero manliness, and act like children. Don't work or support their family....etc

    Your a prime example of this. I bet your dont even sleep w/your wife any longer, lack of an erection being the to comment?

    And one other thing, the way you treat your son is sad, lol....Yelling at him, never taking him anywhere, treating him like a 'human veal' LMAO~! Wow, I really feel badly for that kid.

    Now, go act like the little bitch that you are and go have yourself a 'good cry'......... lmao.......

    And cry and whine like a 3 year old about your OH SO BAD BODY PAINS IT HURRRRRTSSSS SOOO BAD WHAAAAAAAAAA. LOL....Sure it does....Liar

    And remember to keep gulping your drugs while sitting around ignoring your veal son.

    have a great day!

  2. Also, ive shown your testosteronless blog to a few friends.

    When they were done laughing, we started a death game.

    We all put money up and pick how long it is until you either kill yourself or 'accidentally' od....

    I have 2013 May thru August.....LMAO......

    See ya princess.....

  3. This is almost getting better than the blog itself. Can you please stay away from the weekend of June 14-16, 2013. The C-bus and C-land already have really big events that weekend.

    Hey M - Did you just set up your blogger account to comment on this feed? Interesting...

  4. I guess you'll have to make sure the age restriction settings on your blog are above 14.

    Goodness, if his Mommy and Daddy knew what awful words he was using, they would take away his computer time.

    You know what Christians call that kind of person? EGRs, extra grace required.

    I just call him a wanna-be. And what kind of woman loves a kind of guy like that. She laughed at his comment? Like, "Oh honey, you are so clever, tee hee."

    Hate to break it to her, but today he aims his anger and mean spirit at a stranger....sooner or later, she'll get it too.

  5. Says the long-practicing Psychologist...

    Hey is this kind of like the time when I punched that guy and sent him over the table in class for giving you shit?

    Thanks for the payback my friend. ;)


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