Monday, June 4, 2012

Veggie Tales

A friend of mine asked me recently, while inquiring about life and how all this stuff with my kids was affecting me, about my Lifestyle Change from a Carnivore to a Vegetarian, or more specifically, Plant-Strongian, was going.

In the strictest sense it was easiest to say to people that I was a 'Vegan', but the Truth is that, by definition, I was not. At least not by what I had come to understand the term to actually mean. A true 'Vegan' doesn't have anything to do with ANY products or materials that come from an animal.

I did use animal products, even BEFORE I started adding fish back into foods I consider allowable. But I'm talking about wearing leather and that kind of thing. I mean c'mon, I am not giving up my Dominatrix side job, and everyone knows some clients prefer leather over latex. For me this wasn't about 'lifestyle' and 'saving the critters', it was about my health. Not that I don't consider those causes just, they just ain't my causes. I got other things I consider to be more important in MY world. Sorry, but that's how I feel.

So I would not theoretically qualify for pure 'Vegan' status, at least not if they actually had a club or something, like the Templars or the Freemasons or that kind of shit. But to spell it out for my pal and for anyone else who gives, here is where I stood and where I now stand.

When I started this back on February 25th, I weighed somewhere in the 220's, not sure where precisely because I didn't actually remember to take my exact weight the day I began, since I started this sleigh ride sort of on a whim. But as of today I weigh 193 pounds. That's 13.785 stone for my friends in the UK. The weight is not nearly as important to me, though, as the lipids numbers that, even though I haven't had a panel done since that hospital visit, I am sure are doing even better than they were then. Except for the fuggin' High-density Lipoprotein number.

When I started and through March, April and May I kept it VERY simple as far as food choices, and I ate very little in the way of processed foods. I still stay away from processed foods as much as possible. And there was no meat and no dairy. There is still no dairy. But I have as of now added fish in 2-3 times a week.

I did this to see if maybe, just maybe, the lack of animal protein was in any way responsible for whatever the Hell is wrong with my pelvis/torso/hips/back/familialjewels. That ongoing issue started at around the same time I started this lifestyle change, but I also started spending 2 hours in an automobile every day at the same time as well, so I am not sure what caused what.

So I figure...while I wait for a CT Scan, which has finally been ordered as of last week, I will see if adding back in some animal proteins makes any difference.

So far, for ten days, it has not.

And keep in mind, eating with this lifestyle I am not lacking in nutrition. I get tons of it. I eat a LOT of food and all of it very good for me. I eat more whole grains and fruits and vegetables than I did prior to 2-25 because, frankly, before 2-25 I didn't eat that much in the way of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. In fact, I ate mostly junk and it sucked. I also take supplements.

I remember a couple of years ago I had to buy a new suit in order to attend the wedding of Jay Borman because I had dumped up a lot.

This past week I needed to get dressed up for the viewing/calling hours for Leslie, our next door neighbor who passed away who I mentioned a couple of blogs ago. I put the suit pants on and they would not stay up. Even with a belt. I was stunned.

So I grabbed the suit I wore on my honeymoon. I weighed around 181 on my honeymoon. I weigh 193 now. I figured, no WAY is this thing going to fit. I wouldn't say it was the most COMFORTABLE fitting garment I have worn lately, but I got into it and I didn't look like a tic ready to burst. A few weeks from now, it should fit easily.

Sadly, it would fit like a mufuggin' GLOVE if I were exercising. But I am on serious pain meds now for this pelvis/torso/hips/back/familialjewels thing, and it has my world upside down when it comes to the physical. Sucks big time. I hate it. It is affecting a lot of the plans I had for this spring and leading into summer. Probably one of the contributors to my depression, to be honest. I'm sure of it.

Anyway...that's the skinny.

So to speak.

And while I am not anywhere near my end goal of what I want yet, I'm a lot closer than I was, and it is a decent start. I still have a long, long way to go, but the fact is I do not miss any of the crap WHATSOEVER. It has been out of my system long enough that I am simply past it, not unlike how I felt when I beat nicotine and when I gave up Diet Coke last year. Besides, I feel bad enough without having shitty foods making me feel worse.

Speaking of starting points, a good starting point for anyone who might be interested in something like this, if you want to be inspired, you should check out two documentaries. One is called Forks Over Knives and the other is called The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue. Both are great places to get yourself thinking about making a change..

That Engine 2 thing has a book, and it is by the son (a Firefighter) of one of the doctors from the FOK documentary, and that doc? A renowned doctor from the Cleveland Clinic, and you know how I feel about the folks at THAT place.

And it's all good.



  1. I'll keep my bacon and can bring some some of those plants you eat to my funeral.

  2. I am totally impressed and happy that the food is at least a good thing in your world. Grilled salmon last night...brushed on some BBQ sauce (pretend I made it from scratch and it wasn't out of a jar)...THAT was some good eatin'!

    Hope, hope, hope they find what's going on with your various pains and that they have a reasonable solution for it. Keep us posted, 'k?

  3. Spill the beans on your beans, do you soak/cook your own or use canned? If you use canned what brand?

  4. I have to side with Dora's Daddy on this one. Of course it is good to each healthier in general, but I think I would miss burgers and brats, etc. Of course I know this has helped you significantly in reducing other health issues. All I can say is you must have some damn good willpower once you make up your mind.

  5. See? There is at least one thing good going on in your life. Amazing of you to stick with something like this! I need to take a lesson from you.

  6. Remember Kevin, it has nothing to do with willpower. Just like cigarettes or the Diet Coke. It was a No-Choice Scenario. The numbers stated I had no choice. It was either make a radical change or stay on the High-Risk road of stroke, diabetes, heart attack and death.

    It has nothing at all to do with willpower in my book. If I had willpower I would not be so freaking addicted to the X-Box.


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