Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Came. I Saw. I Conquered.

Of course I squealed like a school girl and took a LONG time to overcome my fears, but I am happy to report, and I know you were waiting breathlessly for this, that I hunkered down and had a cup of Espresso from my machine that had previously been the site of a rather peculiar incident involving two insects.

Personally? I think they were bug humping in there. Trying to make little earwigs. I imagine they were doing it 'Earwig Style', which is a really crazy position that I am sure no one has ever heard of because I just made it up.

But I ran tons of bleach and other nasty chemicals through the machine for days.

And obsessive me would, every time I walked by the machine, run more water through it. Only took about a week or two to finally decide to belly up to the countertop and insert one of the pods to attempt Caffeinication.

After some internal dialoging, I tossed back the tasty beverage and did not even gag or nuthin'.

Pussification of America? I say thee NAY!

Well, until this arrives.

I pre-ordered it from Sideshow Collectibles a day or two ago. I had a weak moment. And I am guessing there is less than a 22% chance that I will be allowed to display it in my office. And I am not saying that I necessarily think that the decision would be a WRONG one on the part of my spouse. It would be Ralphie and the Leg Lamp multiplied by 3000%.

But that is why she is in charge, and I am not.

And that is probably a VERY good thing.



  1. I'll bet now that you have used the coffee machine you won't think about it much again. First time is the hardest :0 Also, I used to have a FAKK2 statue with Lord Tyler and Julie. Not really encouraged to display it, if you know what I mean, so I ended up selling it on eBay. Still have my death dealer statue though :)

  2. I met her in person. She is SO freakin' tall. To me anyway. I'm short. Gorgeous too. But that is beside the point.

  3. Are those vagina dentata on her?

  4. I don't even know what those are, but I can get you some close up crotch shots if you prefer.

    I could have just come right out and ASKED for them. Pole dancing and now this? Is this leading somewhere?

  5. You are a bad influence on me...I spent the day giggling over imagined positions earwigs would hump in.
    Thank goodness I didn't have my sketch pad at work or I would have drawn them! heehee!

  6. I am so tired of seeing my image used without my permission. Gezzz, I get no respect:)


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