Sunday, July 1, 2012

It Doesn't Hurt As Much The Second TIme

We'll see about that.

After failing to complete on my mission to post every single day in the month of June, I have decided not to be discouraged and to try it again. This time for July.

I had a whole MESS of things I had planned to say in a sort of June Wrap-Up, but the storms that left us without power and picking up the pieces made that fairly impossible, and this week? OY. Gonna be tough to even keep up with the post count, at least of any substantive nature. Carter has Strep and Bennett is off this week from school. Will be interesting to say the least.

But I will give it the old 'College Try'.

Why do people say that?

If it was possible to major in 'Completely Phoning it In' for a good bulk of my college days, I'd have switched my curriculum. I think the only thing I really TRIED doing with any voracity was getting laid. And you wouldn't think it to look at this ugly mug (the years have not been kind) but I did OK with that.

OK, OK...TMI. But I'm just trying to make a point that the phrase doesn't make any sense to me.

With that, gonna close and publish because there are nasty clouds rolling in, and I don't want to suddenly find myself without electricity again. That would BLOW, especially if it happened on DAY ONE.



  1. Yo....glad you have power...I guess halo action is out this week.....Tuesday night is our community firework thing....

  2. Tuesday and Friday in the daytime I could squeeze in some time. Monday late, Tuesday and Thursday late in the evening probably as well. Then of course Fri/Sat.


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