Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sometimes The Answer is a Simple One

A couple of people have said to me this week that they miss the regularity of the blogging I had been doing. More than a few, actually.

I appreciate that. I really do. Even from those who don't regularly write commentary, because it does inspire me to try to keep posting stuff more regularly, if not every day.

One of the theories is always posed regarding my state of mind. And truthfully I am in a funk, but it isn't the primary reason I am not blogging. I've got some news...psst...I think I am ALWAYS in a funk. Might just be who I am now. Where we are. Is what it is, as a buddy of mine likes to say. But funks don't always keep me silent either. Need I point out that it was a funk that started the actual 'run' of blogs in June?

The fact is that there is a very easy, simple reason why I am not writing as much right now. In a word?


I still haven't solved the issues I've got, and I'm flaring up right now. Arms and legs doing a lot of tingling and lava-type shit this week, and it hurts to type. I can't, and don't WANT, to take hardcore pain meds until much later in the day because I drive Bennett to and from his therapy services, so I have to wait until those are over before I hit any of that stuff.

That makes any of these flare-ups that much more...uncomfortable.

There you have it. Not saying I won't mount that horse with as much zeal...just offering a bit of an explanation. Got some stuff to talk about, just need to get to it and I will. These flare-ups tend to abate a little after around a week of intensity. I do have a Neurology appointment on the 25th, too.

Hee hee...MOUNT.



  1. Sorry to hear there is still no resolution to the pain issues. Hopefully the neurologist will find something. Good to see a quick post from you anyway!

  2. I'm sorry to hear of this unresolved medical stuff -- I wish you'd get not only some answers but a BREAK!

  3. I am a medical/health researcher and ran across your blog by accident (of course, there are no accidents). After reading your whole story, I felt compelled to share some of my research with you. Stress, nutritional deficiencies, and biochemical imbalances can masquerade as depression, joint pain, back pain, ADD, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, anxiety attacks, epilepsy, arrhythmia, angina, you name it. Fortunately, for us, the internet has brought to light the valuable research of dedicated doctors, biochemists and others who searched and found answers that heal with mega nutrients and natural methods, not just mask symptoms with drugs. If you have questions or want more information, here's my email:

  4. Ken just post your grocery list or something, I'm having blogzilly withdrawls.

  5. I third that...wait can I third my first?

    What did the neurologist say?

  6. I'll start writing again real soon. Sort of fell off the cart again, didn't I? I hate it when that happens.

  7. I guess I just got so busy reading all those fascinating links about fixing scoliosis.


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