Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Strange Coincidences

One thing is certain, my Mom knows I am one sentimental bitch.

While I am not the type of person who will ever find myself in the category of a Hoarder, I do hang on to things many other people toss aside. Things like notes passed in class in high school. Or the ticket stubs from the first NFL game I ever went to. Or the medical bracelet that Bennett wore during his brain surgery.

That stuff has VALUE to me.

Whenever I see my Mom, she always seems to pull some new piece of sentimentality from...well, someplace, and give it to me. So I guess that is where I got the habit from. Because if she always has something to give me, that means that she, throughout her life, has been collecting stuff like that too.

This time? A very interesting tidbit from, ironically, July 2005, when she accompanied me and a bunch of The Family to celebrate Carter's first birthday on a sort of Family Vacation. A week in a place in Tennessee called Pigeon Forge.

The item?

Just a little thing of toothpicks that she just happened to save from a restaurant we all went to one night to get some Barbeque. And after ALL this time...she still just HAD it.

Ain't that a kick in the head?

So to speak of course.



  1. I'm a great hoarder of sentimental items. In fact, I'll reveal (only here on your blog) that I have every tooth, or nearly every tooth, that my sons put under their pillows. It just seems so weird to throw them away, so I tuck them into these little bags and hide them in my sock drawer.

    Gross or sentimental?

  2. I do the same thing. My family calls me a human crow. My nest if filled with all sorts of magical treasures.

    @ Elizabeth - definitely sentimental. Gross is my fried who saved her baby's first poopy diaper! eeew.

  3. Bennett's Pit. I get it. I really do. That goes in my file I call hmmm...


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