Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Unfinished Business: Part I

When I started this run of trying to do one post per day for the entire month of June, I had a few things I wanted to cover during the span of that time.

Shit? It indeed do happen.

It started with a major storm that blew through here on Friday. Knocked out the power in a LOT of homes in the Mid-Ohio region, and places beyond, and I got stuck with no ability to post on Friday. No biggie. I figured...what the Hell...gives me an excuse to try again and see if July and I can get along when it comes to daily love.

As with most circumstances in my life and this blog, there were a few things that I left on the table when it comes to The June Experiment. One was a wrap-up, a sort of 'What Have We Learned This Month?' overview. Maybe I will still do that. Would be interesting to at least me.

Of those other subjects I did not cover, there were two that are critically important to me and the future of not just this blog but my participation in the 'online communities' of which I find myself a part. Those two things have long needed to be addressed, at least from my perspective.

The first of those dangling participles is my relationship with the pop culture website Fruitless Pursuits. The second is the future of Mission: iPossible.

I'm going to tackle Mission: iPossible a bit later, a few days. There is not enough time this week, since it is mainly a Bennett-watching week, to really give it the love it needs insofar as many of the changes that need to take place there. And since the Mission doesn't involve just me, I need more time as far as making any strides over there.

But I will. Heather and I have discussed a lot regarding what can and might need to happen with it, and we now just need to start implementing the stuff we have gone over.

But as for Fruitless Pursuits? That I can, and will now, talk about.

If you read my junk, you might have noticed I am not posting over there anymore. And if you look at the page of Contributors, you will also find my name and goofy mug absent from the Hallowed List.

I was not fired. I contacted Luke, the man with the plan, and essentially told him that I was struggling with my role on the site. Explained a lot that I won't go over here, but the main gist of it was that Fruitless Pursuits is a pop culture site involving things that are happening NOW or are IMMINENT.

And me? I am SO not plugged in right now to the mainstream of those things I love like Movies, TV, Toys, Games, etc. What I was noticing was that I was getting a lot of MY news from FP, and it should be me pumping stuff into it.

Rather than continue to struggle with it I suggested I unplug from it, especially since I was listed as a Contributor but my contributions were spotty at best. I should have been posting at least once a week, and I was missing that deadline a LOT. That's no good.

Plus, I hadn't really hit a stride, in my opinion. I felt that Luke deserved more. That the readership deserved more, and so I'm off the site for a while. Luke was super cool as always and said I could guest post whenever I like and I would be welcomed back if I ever felt like I wanted to give it another go.

I'd like that. And hopefully, if things continue to go well here with this Daily Mission, I can certainly make ONE of those days an FP post. I just want to be sure it is a GOOD post. Worthy of the site. And as for finding my voice? It can happen.

I've always talked about how much my life is different now that all this stuff went down with Bennett, and I do often wage a war within myself about Who I Was and Who I Am Now. Writing about that kind of thing at FP was a great reminder that maybe, in some small way, that old part of me isn't really officially dead, it is just in a state of hibernation.

Hopefully that's true. We'll see.

So that's the skinny on that, and I'm glad I finally got to talk about it, because the 5 or 6 people that may have wondered what was going on can now sleep through the night. :)


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  1. I always liked your FP posts. Hopefully you will come back to them one day. In the meantime, you are 3 for 3 for July :)


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