Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Question and Answers

SO. Time to start getting back into the thick of it. One way to do it is by killing two birds with one stone. In my absence, I have received a lot of questions privately. I imagine those questions are shared by some. Seems to me it might be easiest to just get some of this kick-started by answering those questions here, since they might have some universal aspects to them. I'll trickle them out, but let's start with one, shall we?

The most common question I got was...How am I feeling?

That question, to me, is not answerable. Only because I can't do it without really complicating it. And I never know what it actually means. Physically? Mentally? Spiritually? About the seemingly impending doom of the coming future? (That should answer SOME of the question right there, no?)

Bottom line is this. I always give the Hair Answer whenever someone asks me this usually. And that answer is 'Fine'. Because to be more specific, I gotta have a more specific question.

But...I got this variant a few days ago after I bitched about the whole 'I'm fine' thing to a friend, and it made me smile.

What new information do you have from your Neurologist appt last week that gives some hints to the cause (and hopefully) the solution to your pain?

The answer is? You guessed it. NADA. He did some tickling and poking and could not really determine what is going on. He did schedule an EMG for later in the month, but he said that he did not think it would yield anything.

OK, um...then why are we scheduling it?

I'm frustrated. A lot. Especially when I told this particular doctor about one of the exams I had by a PT about my butt muscles being in spasm and my right pelvic bone being pulled and angled outward because of it. By the RIGHT side is almost always the source of most of this pain, mind you. Keep that in mind here. And my right pelvis/groin/back/hip specifically.

The doctor did not outright roll his eyes, but he glazed over like a doughnut. I knew right away he did not take that assessment by the PT seriously WHATSOEVER. I asked Jen about that when I got home, and she said that a lot of quote 'real' doctors do not take into considerations things that a PT or a Chiropractor might say.

I left with a sense of real defeat, and yet another prescription. I took the pills for about 5 days and stopped a couple of days ago. Wasn't helping to do anything for me except spend a lot more time seated...on the toilet. Who wants THAT?

I'll still do the EMG, and will likely yield nothing. But why not? At least it might rule out a true Neuropathy.

And in the meantime, there is a place called Sunbury Chiropractor that I will be making an appointment with shortly. Come to find out our insurance actually DOES cover it. They do not, however, cover acupuncture. I checked. Especially after another old friend wrote me a note (which I need to respond to) about her experiences with pain over the last few years.

Yeah...I'm ready to take the full plunge into anything alternative at this point. BRING ON THE LEECHES!



  1. Two Chiro. stories for you... In my university years, my right arm/shoulder got so locked up from the constant writing and such that by the end of each day I had massive headache and could not lift my arm above my waist. After a few weeks of this I literally stumbled into a chiro's office. After x-ray and my first adjustment and my headache disappeared on the first move. It was like an effing miracle. Second; after chickie had her stroke, met lots of people in hospital. One gal...long story short...was having drop seizures.
    She was medicated up the wazoo for them...useless. Went to a ballsy chiro who wasn't afraid of the kid's brain injury. After two weeks of more drop seizures. That's just two stories. And you WILL hear the stories of how so and so's aunt's, cousin's, dog's mother got an aneurism from a chiro adjustment. Yep....

  2. Ken, how are your knees? I have a close friend here who was having all kinds of problems - right shoulder, lower back, right hip, both feet and ankles. I had an insight and she passed it onto her PT - it was her right knee. She injured it years ago and she favored it - which twisted her body. Now the PT is working on targeted exercises to target that specific cause and so far...not bad.

  3. I can't imagine how, on top of everything else, you are tolerating the frustration of it all.

    Oh, and a specialist willing to listen to your input from other sources, a rare thing indeed.

  4. I seriously think that you should consider the possibility that this is EMF sensitivity. There are so many people who are being negatively affected by all of the EMFs that are around us as a result of our modern world. Fatigue, pain, depression, forgetfulness can all be signs of problems. The thing is that people who are experiencing serious life-altering symptoms cannot get a diagnosis from their doctors. Doctors are quick to chalk up the problems as psychosomatic, but people have found huge relief from limiting their EMF exposure. Ken, it sounds like this is something you should seriously consider. Trust me, no doctor is going to be able to help you and they will only roll their eyes (like yours almost did) and chalk you up as another crazy patient.


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