Friday, August 3, 2012

Bennett's Got a Date

Bennett has a new Home Health Aide for hopefully a nice long while...and this time we continue the tradition of family members being involved.

In this case, now in addition to Jen's Mom, who watches Bennett on Tuesday evening's, Jen's cousin Angie (not seen here as she is taking the video) will be helping with Bennett some of the time.

He LOVES it. You can see how much fun he is having while she is around and even, on occasion, when the opportunity arises to have her own kids interacting with Bennett.

Can't beat that at ALL. She'll be doing this a couple of times a week minimum for Bennett, likely more, and we could not be happier. But the key is, neither could HE.



  1. It's awesome when you can get family and/or friends to be your helpers! We have done that for Zac with a good friend. Others we know have certified family members to provide respite, etc. Love the video too. Bennett looks like he is having a total blast!

  2. Darling boy. And happy indeed. A gift to all of you for sure.

  3. Cool! And hey, Halo does matter.....someday, when we are invaded by aliens, and you and I are called upon to defend our families, why, just think of how good we will be with a rocket launcher!
    See you on Reach.
    I've only got two more weeks before school starts!

  4. How fantastic -- and relieving, no?

  5. This makes me tremendously happy at a time when I need it.

    Soak it in my friend.

  6. Such a cutie! And <3 having family involved!



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