Sunday, August 12, 2012

Love Ya, Man...

Think about you ALL THE TIME.

But especially today.



  1. Missed that amazing post. Don't know how I possibly could have, but I did. Just came from reading it and well, all I can say is how lucky you were to have such a beautiful gift of Eddie in your life. And I would venture to say, he more then likely felt just as lucky to have you as well.

    "But when I slip...when I get all wrapped up in emotion and let my darker feelings get the better of me, when I get bogged down in the negative and feel that things are at their absolute worst, I remember Eddie and other friends who have always been there for me, and those memories are always warm.

    They are always peaceful."

    Sending you peace today my friend. Today and always.

  2. (((((K)))))

    I have always wondered where the Eddies of the world come from. Wondered why there are so few, and why their shelf life is so short. Eddies make this world so much better.

  3. I remember when you had him up on your header for quite a while. Friends like Eddie are rare. The Eddies of the world help make this ride worth the price of admission, at least a little bit.

  4. Thanks all. I need to put Eddie back in the header again for a bit. Maybe since I haven't had him in there 'watching over me' as much it is part of why I have been having such a rough go these past few. But then again...I also have a lot of other folks having my's just been a rough go.

    Peaceful here right now though. Quiet except for the occasional boat going by, the squeal of kids and my clacking of a keyboard.

    And this IS me enjoying myself, before anyone says anything. :)


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