Monday, August 6, 2012

You Gotta Be Kidding Me...

And no...I don't mean that T.O. signed a one-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks. I kinda like that.

I mean that the power was on all day, until around 5-ish. Then it flickered. Then ten minutes later it went out again.

Now I am back at Jen's parents house. Again.

Thank God for their hospitality, huh?

But this SUCKS as far as our shitty power company...AEP of central Ohio. I am so sick of this crap. Losing power blows on so many levels. But it blows on levels that go beyond levels we used to deal with now that we have The Bennett Situation.

Still, it is great to be able to be here. Can't ignore that blessing, and so we don't. One of these days, somehow we'll have to figure out how to repay it.

Gotta get my anger under control though. It's a bit high right now. The week is off to a bad start. The month is too. No sir...I don't like it.



  1. Double darn. Again. And I was hoping to see your thoughts about our Brownies. I'm sure you have something to say. Yes?

  2. Um...your Brownies?

    Did I miss something? Did you send me hash brownies and I missed them? DOUBLE DAMMIT INDEED!!!!

  3. Dude, I feel your pain. Although when we were powerless for the two years in Tanzania, though it wasn't expected (the country was in a power crisis) at the same is well, a third world country.

    But we learned how hard it is to keep our religion when we're hot, sticky and without any form of relief.

    To be like this in America though? Lord have mercy. And remind us to never move to OH!



  4. I think the horse is from Ren and Stimpy. Either that or it is a GIF of Sara Jessica Parker...

  5. Yeah it's Mr. Horse from Ren & Stimpy...whose famous catch phrase is 'No Sir, I don't like it!'. It's an obscure reference, but I loves me dem obscure references.

    Now I am home, and the house HAS power. Wonder what will happen this afternoon?

    I checked the mail. No hash brownies. Dammit.

  6. Maybe you should take the extra Xbox over to Jen's parents house. Then there would be less interruption in game play time.....yeah....only an addict like me thinks like that.


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