Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Is It Weird?

That the wordiest, go-on-way-too-long about way-too-many-off-color-subjects guy just hasn't had a whole lot to say lately? Maybe. Could be. Weird that is. Then again, it could just be a phase. Or a virus or something. Though I am giving serious consideration to putting this blog to rest for good. Food for thought.

But while I have no words, today, I do have pics, from this past weekend, taken during a local Halloween Trick-or-Treat event.

This is an annual thing held at campground (has to happen kinda early because of cold weather, 'natch) where my wife's parents set up their camper and hosted lots of family members who slept over some of the nights and also on Saturday participated in the campground's T0T candy-seeking festivities.



  1. AWWWWWW! Lookit!

    Awesome! are not allowed to stop the blog. Thnaks for asking, but no.

  2. No quitting this blog. Please? Cute pictures by the way.

  3. LOVE the pics!!! but are you personally trying to break my heart?

  4. No thank you. I would prefer you don't quit the blog. Take a break. Only post pictures, whatever, but don't close up shop for good.

    Cute pictures, by the way!

  5. Nice pics! Hope you don't end your blog :( Your's is one of the first ones I started reading when our son Zac first had seizures. I would miss it.


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