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YESvember - BLOAT 2012 #35 - #31

I'm losing a little steam with this. Though I can't tell if it is because over the past few nights I've only managed 5-6 hours of sleep (long story), if it is because the Ravens are playing like ass in San Diego today, or because my back is KILLING me after spending most of the day stringing lights on our Christmas Tree.

#35 - Christmas Trees With Lights Already Embedded In
Used to have that, and it was GLORIOUS. But alas, after a few years, one of the levels of lights went out, and we could not figure out how to get the lights working again. Since money was tight, we could not really afford to trash the tree and get a new one with embedded lights, so we de-boned the tree and stripped it naked of all the lights and decided we'd have to put our own on as long as the tree held up.

It's held up too FREAKIN' long.

My lower back, but most particular my SI joint, is on fire right now. Oy. But waddya gonna do? Shit has to be done. Of course, I have a sinking feeling th…

YESvember - BLOAT 2012 #40 - #36

Even though the actual holiday is behind us, I intend to keep going through the rest of YESvember with the list of Things I'm Thankful For in 2012, or what I now like to call BLOAT 2012, though in 2010 I called it LOFTY. Hope everyone had a filling and fun-filled Turkey Day. We did. It was fun. Bennett and Carter have both seemed to enjoy the time with family too, and I certainly can't complain about that. Bennett has had some minor behavioral instances, but only minor.

These aren't in any order as far as importance, I just wrote them as they came to me.

#40 - Sports Rivalries
I know, I know...this is the post that will probably be skimmed or entirely skipped by many, including Elizabeth and Claire and others. Though perhaps that should be reconsidered, since this does go slightly beyond sport and beyond football if you stick with it.

But then again, that is a reflection of me and how I tend to view many things or how I tend to absorb many things, in a very personal and emo…

YESvember - BLOAT 2012 #45 - #41

Continuing with the list of Things I'm Thankful For in 2012, or what I now like to call BLOAT 2012, though in 2010 I called it LOFTY. Times change, huh? Well, certainly since we all feel a little stuffed after such a full meal, BLOAT feels a bit more appropriate, yeah?

These aren't in any order as far as importance, I just wrote them as they came to me.

#45 - Thanks to England for All That Tax Crap
See, because if the King George III hadn't been such a control freak about the colonies, you wouldn't be stuffing your face, that stuffing you are stuffing it with right now. And because all the men and women living over here fighting the natives and the giant grizzlies and the diseases and shit didn't really feel like sending a ton of their hard-earned back across the seas to a bunch of wealthy bureaucrats who weren't plugged in, a lot of people got super pissed.

So when they finally had enough, they decided to take the ultimate gamble and revolt. In the e…

YESvember - BLOAT 2012 #50 - #46

Sorry for the time lag. Yeah I do that a lot. I'm having an off, um...year.

OK, so you know how it goes. Here's my Ultimate List. No real order of importance, although it might feel like a countdown, I only do that because it is a little easier that way, and more drama for your mamma is always cool.

SO...what am I really, TRULY thankful for? Let's find out, cause I know you are falling over yourselves in anticipation. Hell, I'm curious myself.

#50 - The Election is OVER
Yes, I AM very thankful for this. And not necessarily because of the outcome. I don't really have that huge of a preference either way, despite the photo, and despite the fact that I cast my vote against Bane Romney. But I was ready to vote Republican, I will tell you that much. SO ready.

But the GOP just did not give me a viable alternative. Having said all that, I am just glad I can start answering the phone again. No wait, I can't...too many other people calling I am trying to avoid right now…

YESvember - BLOAT 2012

And so here it is...Thanksgiving week. Lots of stuff going on.

Of course there is that T-Day I mentioned above. And the kids have off for three days. Better plan on a couple of extra moments for deep-breathing or other types of stress relief perhaps. Bennett will have at least one more visit, maybe two, with his home-based ABA Therapist to work with him, which will be good, and I've got more going on with some of the stuff I don't talk about here amidst these pages.

I got an e-mail today that made me want to revisit this whole idea of Gratitude that I had started with the YESvember theme, especially since I have been, for so long, questioning this blog and my place in not only writing it but whether or not...I don't know...whether or not it mattered.

The e-mail I received was very special. Very. And it made me want, for this week, to go back to something more traditional, a more standardized Countdown of Thankfulness. Something to really zero in on the Positive that I ha…

YESvember 08 - Something Just Occured to Me...I Suck

OK, not really, but it is a GREAT title for a post, don'tcha think?

I am sitting here, Bennett to my immediate left looking at YouTube videos on his iPad (one of his new things), and Carter behind me at the kitchen table with his cousin Wyatt playing with some toys and doing the kind of stuff that 8year old boys do.

Jen is on the sofa across the room, and we are both watching Ohio State play Wisconsin because...well, because that is what people are required to do here in the sleepy village of Galena, the small town 20-30 miles north of Columbus, Ohio.

Bennett is SLEEPY. He started a new medication this week (more on that later, not now.)

Things are relatively peaceful, relatively quiet. My back and hips are killing me, but occasionally I turn to Bennett and give him a toothy grin because he gets a charge out of it even though I want to cry because of my pain level today. I'm concerned because today a lot of it is muscular and I am having temperature fluctuations.

PLEASE don&#…

YESvember 07 - And You Thought I Would Forget?

Pics I did promise, and pics I do deliver unto thee. A few peeks at the 5th birthday get-together we had Sunday night for Bennett. Tain't many (hee hee...he said TAINT), but I did what I could. I made up for quantity with cuteness (the boys, not MINE) and a nice movie at the end.


Here's the video. One of these days I should show you the comparison of this year and last. He's come a long way.

Oh and of course...PEACE.

But be miss the OUT, don'tcha?


YESvember 06 - Trying to Stay on Course

I remember one time I was riding in the passenger seat of what ended up being one of my all-time favorite cars, my friend Mark's Nova. That photo ain't HIS, but I don't have the time to dig around to see if I have a pic of the actual Biggermobile. Not that the car was anything special, it was a turd. But maybe that was WHY I loved it. It had character.

Not unlike the beat up Van that I got to drive for a while, or the Buick Century I bought for 300 bucks and a trade-in of my fried Nissan Toyota truck. These cars were crap, but they had a certain style.

What I want to talk about is TOTALLY unrelated to cars though. Shocker, right? But I was riding in that Nova one day, and Mark related an observation that a friend of his made about me who had only recently met me. Mind you, this was when I was in my twenties.

His friend had said something like 'Ken seems like a nice guy, but I dunno, he always looks like his dog just died.'

What does that MEAN, exactly?

It means th…

YESvember 05 - The Results Are In

And the winner is?

Bennett, with no regrowth of the tumor in any way, shape or form. There is still, and has always been, that weird malformation in his brain on the right side that no one can explain or offer any rational prognosis about, but it never changes from MRI to MRI.

And since it doesn't, there is never anything that can or really should be done about it.

Always makes me wonder if that funky area, and it is not a spot or a lump, but more of a larger funkiness (hard to explain I would need to get a copy of the discs), is part of the reason his development, while it is there, is so achingly slow. Part of why he can repeat a LOT of words these days, but doesn't quite grok their meaning.

Communication is a tricky thing. And yeah, I am thankful for how far Bennett has come in three years, I really am. But that doesn't mean that even here, in YESvember, I am going to sugar coat his development and say that I don't, as his 'Special Needs Dad', often see ho…

YESvember 04 - Today I'm Hoping For a Negative

It's MRI Day.

After Bennett's surgery in 2009, he had to have these things 3-4 times a year, then three, and now 2. Each time, the results have shown no regrowth of his Stage II Oligoastrocytoma, that wacky Brain Tumor that he had jacked out of his head on August 27th that started this whole train ride in the first place.

So while YESvember is supposed to be about a reversal for me, a celebration of Positivity, in this case I want the opposite. I want NO regrowth, I want NO tumor. I want a Negative MRI, because in medical terms a Negative MRI is a POSITIVE thing.

The scan is probably over by now as I type this. Started around noonish at the Cleveland Clinic. Jen went up with both boys on her own and spent some time at her sister's place over the weekend. I imagine Bennett is in recovery, shaking off the grogs from the full anesthesia he has to be on when he goes into The Machine. He just is not able to sit still for an MRI, he doesn't have the ability to be told what …

YESvember 03 - MyTunes

My eyesight is crap.

Thank God for Spell Check, because ironically when I first typed this sentence I wrote 'eyeshit' instead of 'eyesight'. Makes me wonder if my overly thick Kielbasa fingers will ever gracefully handle a keyboard, but it also reminds me of how bad my ocular degeneration has become over the years.

How bad will it get, I often wonder? But, since this is YESvember, I am focusing on positives, not negatives, right? And the fact is that at least I still have my insane sense of hearing. And it is really, really good. Like, Daredevil good. I am quite content with my giant cab door ears, because without them I couldn't listen to music, and I happen to like it.

A lot.

Yeah, that's the subject today. It's probably not something I often discuss, but I have a fairly vast collection of music. None of it REAL of course. Well, some of it is still around on CD in a box somewhere. But the beauty of today's world is that music doesn't have to be …

YESvember 02 - Running Away With It

Not this past Sunday but the one before, my wife did something that was simply incredible. To me, anyway.

She ran her very first Half-Marathon. On October 21, 2012, she participated in the Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon and finished with a time of around 2 hours and 21 minutes.

I know nothing about Marathons. Or Half-Marathons. Not only was it her first time running in one, it was my first time ever watching one unfold. But I am told that her time, all things considered, was not bad at all.

The truth is, I was there where she was placed to start, and I know that her time could have been a lot better, because she was in the very last group, and when they hit the start line, it looked kind of like one of those zombie herds on The Walking Dead to be honest with you.

So Jen, her sister Mandy, another family member who I can never remember the familial connection (red-face!) and her sister's friend who also participated kind of got jammed up with that crowd and …