Friday, November 2, 2012

YESvember 02 - Running Away With It

Not this past Sunday but the one before, my wife did something that was simply incredible. To me, anyway.

She ran her very first Half-Marathon. On October 21, 2012, she participated in the Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon and finished with a time of around 2 hours and 21 minutes.

I know nothing about Marathons. Or Half-Marathons. Not only was it her first time running in one, it was my first time ever watching one unfold. But I am told that her time, all things considered, was not bad at all.

The truth is, I was there where she was placed to start, and I know that her time could have been a lot better, because she was in the very last group, and when they hit the start line, it looked kind of like one of those zombie herds on The Walking Dead to be honest with you.

So Jen, her sister Mandy, another family member who I can never remember the familial connection (red-face!) and her sister's friend who also participated kind of got jammed up with that crowd and had to weave in and out of The Walkers while trying to get into more open spaces in order to break into a more comfortable pace.

I was waiting at the finish line, with my camera, trying to take a guess as to when they would start to arrive. As I watched some of the runners coming down the lane I found myself very much in awe of what they were doing. And certainly I was very proud of Jen and all she accomplished when I saw her coming down that lane herself. It was a nice moment.

Made me think...maybe...someday. If I could figure out this hip/back thing (seeing a chiropractor now for it), wouldn't it be amazing to accomplish something like that together?

Food for thought.



  1. That time is awesome for a half. It really, really is and is an incredible accomplishment. A time like that meant work and dedication. Not easy as a working mother with I am certain,little time to spare.

    And yes you should try to run. Even with the pain. I think it might be good for you. Our family chiropractor thinks running can actually put things nicely inline when done with good form.Just a thought.

    And by the way, YESvember is catchy. I like it.

  2. Running events are great fun and it gets you out of the house too :) 2 hours and 21 minutes is a great time! I never had the ambition to do a half marathon. I think you should give running a try if your back will cooperate. Its nice to run with someone when you are training so your wife might like the company as well. Also, YESvember = better than BROvember...


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