Monday, November 5, 2012

YESvember 03 - MyTunes

My eyesight is crap.

Thank God for Spell Check, because ironically when I first typed this sentence I wrote 'eyeshit' instead of 'eyesight'. Makes me wonder if my overly thick Kielbasa fingers will ever gracefully handle a keyboard, but it also reminds me of how bad my ocular degeneration has become over the years.

How bad will it get, I often wonder? But, since this is YESvember, I am focusing on positives, not negatives, right? And the fact is that at least I still have my insane sense of hearing. And it is really, really good. Like, Daredevil good. I am quite content with my giant cab door ears, because without them I couldn't listen to music, and I happen to like it.

A lot.

Yeah, that's the subject today. It's probably not something I often discuss, but I have a fairly vast collection of music. None of it REAL of course. Well, some of it is still around on CD in a box somewhere. But the beauty of today's world is that music doesn't have to be stored anywhere but in this machine.

And because of that you can take it ALL over the place. Love that. Love the iPod and stuff. I don't like the limited storage capacity of the iPod, since it can't store my entire music library, but oh well.

I have this pretty nifty BOSE iPod dock that I have in the basement where I do most of my work, or did, and the sound that little eensy teeny little thing puts out is staggering.

I like all kinds of music, if it is good, but I have my favorites, which are Original Scores. Not Show Tunes (not that there is anything WRONG with that!), but I'm talking about the background music that you hear alongside your favorite movie or TV show. Usually done via orchestra, but sometimes not.

I lean towards the stuff done by orchestra. That comes from WAY back, when I was so blown away at the age of ten years old by John William's score for Star Wars that I actually picked up a musical instrument and learned how to play it. I also started drawing around the same time.

Plus, since I was in a less than ideal situation with my Step-Father at the time, I found that putting on some headphones and listening to music like that had an astounding transportational effect on me. I could easily get out of where I was, which was generally an unpleasant place or feeling, and be right in the cockpit alongside Luke Skywalker as he switches off his targeting computer against the advice of the Rebels back at the Command Center.

'Let go, Luke.' And so did I. And music let me do that. Still does.

I have a vast music library, like I said. Thought you might enjoy a peek at some of it (though creating this image via screen grabs and layers in Photoshop was NIGHTMARE CITY).

I am one of those freaky anal retentive types who HAS to create thumbnails to all my albums in my iTunes and junk. Also, this is not all my stuff. I just haven't had time to get it all organized. Priorities, don'tcha know...

As I wrote this I was listening to a Playlist I created that pulled from the first 6 seasons of the newly relaunched Doctor Who TV series. As I am clacking out this particular sentence a piece that featured a great motif on The Daleks came to a close and a suite from the episode Doomsday came up. I remember the music vividly from the episode because it was THAT good and the music took me right back to everything that was striking about it.

Music can do that.

I'll keep upping my prescription on the glasses, setting my computer screen with a larger font, all that jazz...but let's hope I don't need to get a hearing aid any time soon. Music is one of those things that I use to cope that I think I will always need and never stop being grateful for.



  1. My brother and I had the original Star Wars score on LP. We played that one over and over in our room while reading comic books. Good times :)

  2. You wanna hear something really weird?

    Music was going to be my gratitude post today. Been a long, out of the house day and I have been listening to music in the car all day. So many songs transported me back to very specific times in my life. A few wonderful, wild and carefree. A few difficult, heavy and hard.

    But each time a particular song came on, I was grateful for the memory.

    Okay, off to jack your gratitude topic. :)

  3. I had that LP, it was a sweet presentation. I remember how cool the pics were.

    Cool Heather. Glad you dug the vibe.

    And SWEET! Finally got my FTP working! My larger thumbnail is viewable. WOOHOO!

  4. Every time I hear Dark Side of the Moon, I remember you painting in the studio. Always loud and in your zone. I am sure you have heard or maybe own the Looney Tunes soundtrack. Amazing.

  5. Every time I hear Dark Side of the Moon, I remember you painting in the studio. Always loud and in your zone. I am sure you have heard or maybe own the Looney Tunes soundtrack. Amazing.

  6. original Star Wars score profoundly change my love of music from the Beatles to other types of music.

    One of the most weirdest/thrilling moments of my life came when I was in the theater and the opening music sounded for Star wars episode 1, to be there again hearing that score, but no longer a child now a grown woman with my husband on one side and my son on the other. To have that music reach through me and sear itself on my sons memory. To share the past with the next generation. Music is indeed powerful, I would be lost without it.


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