Saturday, November 17, 2012

YESvember 08 - Something Just Occured to Me...I Suck

OK, not really, but it is a GREAT title for a post, don'tcha think?

I am sitting here, Bennett to my immediate left looking at YouTube videos on his iPad (one of his new things), and Carter behind me at the kitchen table with his cousin Wyatt playing with some toys and doing the kind of stuff that 8year old boys do.

Jen is on the sofa across the room, and we are both watching Ohio State play Wisconsin because...well, because that is what people are required to do here in the sleepy village of Galena, the small town 20-30 miles north of Columbus, Ohio.

Bennett is SLEEPY. He started a new medication this week (more on that later, not now.)

Things are relatively peaceful, relatively quiet. My back and hips are killing me, but occasionally I turn to Bennett and give him a toothy grin because he gets a charge out of it even though I want to cry because of my pain level today. I'm concerned because today a lot of it is muscular and I am having temperature fluctuations.

PLEASE don't let this be a flu or something. Let it just be a minor irritation caused by all the chiropractical manipulations I have received of late. Yeah...I loves me them manipulations.

So...why do I suck?

I was looking over this blog, and contemplating its future as well as its past. Do I want it to go on? Do I want to stop it? I've asked this question of myself in the past, privately and publicly. Jury is still out.

But what bugs me is that if I AM going to do it, I don't want to see it continue to go DOWN in post count each and every year, which it has since the blog started. The numbers are essentially this.

2009: 224
2010: 136 (I can accept that a LITTLE since in 2009 it was Seizure City and Surgery Patrol.)
2011: 131 (OK a small drop, but not enormous.)
2012: 97 (So far.)

As it stands though, I am NOT on pace to get up to the 130's. That would really mean pouring on the daily posting, and I mean pouring it on hard. In order to BEAT the number 131, or even 136, I would have to do more than a post a day at times.

There is a part or me that WANTS to. I started the year intending to. But like so many things this year? Massive failure to achieve. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel like USDA Grade A Shit for this. Maybe only Grade B or C.

But...something to think about. So I am. I know it is just a number, but in a year where so many things for me kind of didn't go the way I planned maybe there is a Pyrrhic victory to be had in there somewhere.


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