Thursday, November 22, 2012

YESvember - BLOAT 2012 #45 - #41

Continuing with the list of Things I'm Thankful For in 2012, or what I now like to call BLOAT 2012, though in 2010 I called it LOFTY. Times change, huh? Well, certainly since we all feel a little stuffed after such a full meal, BLOAT feels a bit more appropriate, yeah?

These aren't in any order as far as importance, I just wrote them as they came to me.

#45 - Thanks to England for All That Tax Crap
See, because if the King George III hadn't been such a control freak about the colonies, you wouldn't be stuffing your face, that stuffing you are stuffing it with right now. And because all the men and women living over here fighting the natives and the giant grizzlies and the diseases and shit didn't really feel like sending a ton of their hard-earned back across the seas to a bunch of wealthy bureaucrats who weren't plugged in, a lot of people got super pissed.

So when they finally had enough, they decided to take the ultimate gamble and revolt. In the end we were successful, but can you imagine how scary those times might have been to the people involved? The uncertainty? Still, you can't argue with the courage to fight for what you believe in, and their boldness resulted in our ability to enjoy unprecedented freedom to this very day. UNPRECEDENTED. I think that passion to action is something that our nation's population is losing as each generation passes.

And Yeah, England may have lost, and I thank them for that, but I'll tell you this much, I'm certainly no England hater, like some of my good friends. In fact I look at England a bit like a parent or an older sibling. And certainly if I could not live here England would probably be my second choice.

Well, that or the Moon. Once they get some domes up there.

#44 - Oh Captain, My Captain
Speaking of domes, and all the good things that the British have provided to us over the years, for some reason one of the things that pops into my mind right away, even before The Beatles, is Patrick Stewart.

Maybe that's just because I was thinking about the above-mentioned friend who has never actually gotten over the American Revolution (even though we won), and his love of Star Trek, but it was the first great English actor who, in my mind, radically altered my perception of a childhood franchise that I grew up loving.

Now when I think of Star Trek, I honestly do NOT think of Captain James T. Kirk doing a flying leg kick into the chest of a Gorn, or making a booty call to a green-skinned Orion slave girl. Instead I think of Captain Jean-Luc Picard suggesting that everyone 'Make it so.'

To me? HE is now THE captain of the USS Enterprise, and probably always will be, no matter what JJ Abrams tries to push on me. Besides that, he is bald. Can't beat that any day of the week. At least from my seat on the bridge.

#43 - Tea Time
Yet another thing to be thankful about to the country from which we originally sprang...the tradition of afternoon tea. Of course, you don't have to drink it in the afternoon, but I'm trying to string together some things that relate to each other, so give me a little leeway here, will'ya?

Picard likes his very simply...'Early Grey...HOT.' I am partial to a little spice Organic Chai tea or some Chinese Black Tea. Also been working in a lot more Greet Tea lately for the health benefit of it.

Been drinking a lot more tea instead of Espresso ever since the Bug Incident in my Nespresso Machine. I still use the machine, but the thought of those little fuggers in that spout has never, to this day, left my head. So tea is much more on the menu.

And like the Brits, I tend to like a cup in the afternoon, especially as the weather gets cooler.

#42 - Who's On First?
If you haven't checked recently, you also may not be aware that England produces some damn good TV. They have for a lot of years, but the bar is continually raised. Of course, American television networks rape the hell out of what they do and try to act as if we do it better, with shows like American Idol (which started in Great Britain) and The Office and so forth. But the English originals are usually superior.

There is one show that has never been attempted here, and I am so thankful for that. Because there is just no way it COULD be. That show is Doctor Who, and the main character, known simply as The Doctor, is entirely the type of hero that could only be conceived by an English writer.

He carries no gun, he carries a Sonic Screwdriver. I should probably write a very long, very thorough blog about why this character is one of the very best on the planet (explaining why it has endured for what is now the 50th anniversary), and the rebooted series which began in 2005 is some of the best television I have watched, rivaling to me shows like LOST, The Walking Dead and others that I always go back to as being absolute must-watch TV.

It is not for everybody, but if you let it grab you, it is something so special and so unique that once you 'get it', you will never want to let it go.

That guy in the picture is the 9th man to play The Doctor, though he is not The Doctor right now. That requires a LOT of explanation I won't go into now, but needless to say if you were to decide to start watching the show that relaunched in 2005 his would be the first face you would see, and that is why I picked it.

#41 - Netflix
If you did decide to give a show like Doctor Who a try, or other really good British TV like Sherlock or Torchwood or Doc Martin, or if you wanted to watch the entire series of LOST over again from start to finish and you do not want to buy the entire DVD set, then Netflix is 100% designed for you.

It is a service that you pay $8.00 a month for, and unlike some other services like Zune and others, you can watch an unlimited amount of stuff as often as you want. It's AWESOME. Especially for people who like serialized TV, because they have a helluva lot of shows on there.

Is it perfect? Nope. But it's only eight bucks a month. Plus it has a TON of kids shows, which for us is an enormous plus. Being able to access Super Why for Bennett whenever I need to, especially on any computer, is HUGE, and for that I am super grateful.

With the ability to get a few other series by purchasing Season Passes, I may just give up DirecTV altogether after this football season and go to just a digital antenna or something. Food for thought. Be nice to save all that money from the satellite bill.


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  1. Oh man, a Patrick Stewart reference! Awesome. (Used to have a poster of him on my bedroom wall.) Yeah...make your jokes. I admired him like a father (yeah, sad I know.)


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