Tuesday, November 20, 2012

YESvember - BLOAT 2012 #50 - #46

Sorry for the time lag. Yeah I do that a lot. I'm having an off, um...year.

OK, so you know how it goes. Here's my Ultimate List. No real order of importance, although it might feel like a countdown, I only do that because it is a little easier that way, and more drama for your mamma is always cool.

SO...what am I really, TRULY thankful for? Let's find out, cause I know you are falling over yourselves in anticipation. Hell, I'm curious myself.

#50 - The Election is OVER
Yes, I AM very thankful for this. And not necessarily because of the outcome. I don't really have that huge of a preference either way, despite the photo, and despite the fact that I cast my vote against Bane Romney. But I was ready to vote Republican, I will tell you that much. SO ready.

But the GOP just did not give me a viable alternative. Having said all that, I am just glad I can start answering the phone again. No wait, I can't...too many other people calling I am trying to avoid right now. OOPS!

#49 - Caller ID
What would I do without it? Now that I think about it, what DID I do without it? Oh yeah, now I remember, I just never answered the phone and there was a lot of mystery in my life. 'Who WAS that!?!' Now those questions no longer go unanswered, but the phone calls still do.

Well, except for Private Caller and Out of Area. Dammit.

Anyway, the unwanted phone calls are still WAY out of control, and I thought there was supposed to be a list that stopped these asshats from calling us? Got SUPER bad during this election season. Holy crap. To be honest? I think I ended up just voting for the candidate who annoyed me less with pre-recorded phone messages from celebrities I don't give a crap about during dinner time.

#48 - Peter Jackson...Again?!?
Or should that be there and back again? I thanked Mr. Jackson the LAST time I did a list like this, but I figured there were going to be some repeats on this go-round, but I never dreamed there would be repeats this...specific.

Who'dathunkit? Another round of Hobbity goodness ready to launch its hairy feetness right around the corner? It's astounding. It really takes me back to a time that was, well, different than now. Back before life was the Stress-Mess it is today, Jen and I had a tradition for three years back around the time of our nuptials of going to those movies when we would drive from Maryland to Ohio for the annual holiday visit to stay with family.

Times are SO different now. So different. I expect that the movies will be too. Will we even get to watch them in the theaters? Who knows. I still have not seen The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises. It's not easy for the two of us to go on a date these days.

Still...The Hobbit on film? Unreal. What's next? The Silmarillion Trilogy?

#47 - Gearbox Does It Again
Got a nice birthday gift this year from my old pal Richard. Borderlands 2, the open-world game from Gearbox. IN a word? Awesome. Has everything I loved about the original, just more of it and done better. And so far, the DLC that has been coming at us is all living up to expectations. This is probably my Game of the Year for 2012.

All I gotta do now is figure out how to get some better guns. I foolishly lost almost all my weapons for my highest level character. Hard to explain. I was an idiot.

Now I know that I play the thing a WEE bit too much...so there is that. But hey, it really isn't my fault. I didn't buy it for myself. I wasn't GOING to buy it for myself either. So all the blame has to go to the person who, like a dealer, pushed the evil across the table at me.

How could I possibly say no? :)

#46 - The Infinite Patience of Anyone Who Still Reads This Crap
I get seriously amazed that many of you still read this blog. Not that I have any issues with my ability to write or anything of the sort. I can be entertaining if I need to be. It's more like I have a problem with the amount of commitment I have been giving this thing lately.

And it's like any relationship. The less love and attention you give, it is only natural that the relationship suffers. That make any sense?

It's no secret I have been waffling too. Hemming and hawing about the future of what I want to do with this space. Do I want to keep writing? DO I want to continue to express myself? Does it matter anymore? Considering the amount of things of late that I can't discuss, I have felt very constricted, that is part of why I haven't as easily been able to write.

When I have limits, it is very hard for me. Can't explain it. Just happens to be true.

But the doubts have been lingering in here, for a long time.

Those doubts were washed away in an instant the other day when I got a message from one of you that was, as I mentioned before...very special. Originally I was going to try to quote some stuff from it but in the end I'm not going to. Let's just say that a Special Needs family was affected in a potent and positive way because of what they stumbled upon here and one of the parents took the time to write and tell me so. Simple as that really.

Stuff like that means a lot. I suppose it always will.



  1. I am also thankful the election is over (hated all those robo-calls), and can't wait for The Hobbit movie!
    Still playing an old Command and Conquer game though. Would love to try borderlands :)

    Keep the lists coming!

  2. Right with you on the election. And The Hobbit!!! So excited about The Hobbit, but likely won't get to see it in the theater either. I am hopefully traveling to get Baby Girl right during the week it comes out. Won't leave her with anyone for months, so there you go...at least my 2 big kids will get to go and in a year or so I'll see it on DVD.

    Here's hoping you find a way to make it to the theater for a much-deserved night out with your wife.

  3. I'm not sure the lists will come with the speed the last time I did it, but all the entries will get posted by end YESvember. Just a bit more jammed up this time of year with unexpected time needed to monitor Bennett (off from school) and such. But it will all get out there.

    The thing I am trying hard not to do is rehash the last real long list. And that AIN'T easy.

  4. Come on, you can do it...everyone's doing it. A little won't hurt at all...


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