Sunday, November 18, 2012

YESvember - BLOAT 2012

And so here it is...Thanksgiving week. Lots of stuff going on.

Of course there is that T-Day I mentioned above. And the kids have off for three days. Better plan on a couple of extra moments for deep-breathing or other types of stress relief perhaps. Bennett will have at least one more visit, maybe two, with his home-based ABA Therapist to work with him, which will be good, and I've got more going on with some of the stuff I don't talk about here amidst these pages.

I got an e-mail today that made me want to revisit this whole idea of Gratitude that I had started with the YESvember theme, especially since I have been, for so long, questioning this blog and my place in not only writing it but whether or not...I don't know...whether or not it mattered.

The e-mail I received was very special. Very. And it made me want, for this week, to go back to something more traditional, a more standardized Countdown of Thankfulness. Something to really zero in on the Positive that I had originally wanted YESvember to be about. Something sort of like what I did in 2010.

But I never did like 50 Random Things I'm Thankful For. As a Title I mean. It is kind of...weak. So I wanted something else. I hemmed and hawed and the best I got for now is BLOAT. That stands for Blogzilly's List Of Awesome Thankfulness. I had some others, but a few had the word shit in it and I wasn't sure if that would fly.

By that I mean, of course it could FLY, it's my fuggin' blog, but do I WANT to go that way in this, the season of being gracious? Maybe not so much.

So...with that, up next, I'll start posting my latest list of 50 things I am ESPECIALLY thankful for this year. My BLOAT for 2012.

That's one way of trying to hit my annual post target, yeah?

Heard that.



  1. #32: Being level 43 and finding a lvl 43 SnprR in Oasis.

  2. Bring on the BLOAT :)

  3. I for one am thankful that I stumbled upon your blog, it has helped me.


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