Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I had a very different post planned for today.

I wonder how many blogs start out that way? Especially considering the fact that many or us, most of us probably, are not paid do do what we do. Man, that would be grand, wouldn't it? But then, I suppose if I were to be paid to do this, it might not feel the same. I certainly would feel the need to hold back a lot.

But since we are NOT paid, we have no obligation, truthfully, and therefore we can at a whim change our minds about so many things. My intent was to make this post solely about my sister, who recently went through...a pretty radical crisis in her life. But it is such a deep, complex story that I realized the following:

1. Her tale over the course of the past two weeks or so after she had a Ventricular Fibrillation, nearly died, was resuscitated five times, went comatose, came to, then later developed seizures only to finally walk out of the hospital the day of her birthday? That story took so many twists and turns, it became super, duper complex.

2. The intricate nature and complex backstory as to why there is little to ZERO mention of the fact I even have a sister at all in the pages of this blog is also something that has it's own fair share of twists and turns.

3. Which of course leads us to this conclusion...there is no way in Hell's Kitchen that I can tell the story in a single post. Not if I want to tell it the way I want to. And you KNOW how I like to weave them fireside chats. Especially when they involve the past.

So what does that leave us for a 600th post?

Um...I dunno. I didn't want to get all hung up on it, and as the days started to pass I realized...I was. I don't want to WAIT to start that tale, and I don't want to WAIT for something epic for a 600th post either. Can't let a stupid milestone get in the way of wanting to write. It's honestly the dumbest roadblock I've ever found myself facing.

I suppose I could talk about the number 600. It is a composite number, an abundant number, a pronic number and a Harshad number (thanks Wikipedia!). In the US, a credit score of 600 or lower is considered bad, and could affect your ability to buy a car or a home. At least it could affect your interest rate. 600 is also the advertised number of miles that NASCAR runs in the Coca-Cola 600, the longest race any of those good ole' boys drive. That's a long ride.

But why talk about that boring shit when they just announced the new BLACK WIDOW FIGURE OF SCARLETT JOHANSSON FROM HOT TOYS!!!

Is it me? Or did she lose weight? I noticed that in the previews for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Damn. I am not as much of a fan of the skinner Scarlett. But still, that is one FINE looking figure.

I'm not generally a 1:6th Scale guy. I'm not generally much of a collector of anything anymore. No display space, not right now anyway, and the fundages are super tight. I pick up around 4 1:6th figures a year, if I am lucky. This is going to be one of them. She'll fit in nicely with the OTHER two versions of Scarlett.

Though I must admit, what a LONG way Hot Toys has come from the first time they did Black Widow from way back in the second Iron Man film. They have really learned a thing or two about rooted hair.

And trust me when I tell you...NONE of the production pieces looked as good as their promo shots. It took a ton...TON of work, to get the hair to look right when you pulled her from packaging.

Their follow-up, from Avengers? Home run. This is an out-of-package shot somebody posted on the Interwebthingy. Very nice. Though the likeness? There is a bit too much Nicole Kidman in there. I swear a good customizer could probably whip up a solid Cold Mountain action figure in no time at all. Where's Inman?

And this new one? Looks pretty good, the most like Scarlett to date thus far, though I do admit...the bags under the eyes? Not so good. Hmmm...maybe they are trying to show that she has been working a lot more lately. But I do believe that thus far the nicest LOOKING one is, to date, the Avengers version, despite the Kidman thing, this new one is the most Johanssoney, which may give it a leg up.

And who can say no to Johansson with a leg up, am I right? BaDUMbump.

One drawback though? The expression. The Winter Soldier version looks a little like she just had a Conjuration Spell cast on her.

Oh...for you non-geek types that means she looks a bit like she was raised from the grave. She doesn't nearly have the beauty in her face that she has in the publicity shots from the movie. The one up top is one of those. It's angelic, don't you think? Not like this. Not so...undead.

But then again. BW doesn't smile a whole lot. That's why I dig the character. Very dark and serious. And that's why Scarlett can play Black Widow, it isn't something that requires a huge range, so the undead thing kinda, I

Some of you may ask...'Um, hey, Lilly, if you are bitching about the way it looks, why, oh WHY, would you still buy it?'


Hmmm...only I could shift gears from my sister's near-death an action figure of my favorite actress who can't act.

At least I am consistent. Hope to see you around at 700.



  1. Happy 600. And your right that race is crazy long. The 400 we go to at our local NASCAR track is long enough for me.

  2. lol nice 600 post :) Also hope your sister is doing well now...

  3. I think your 600th post was perfect. Very blogzilly-ish. And that is why people come and will continue to come back and read what you write.

    As for the figure. All I can say is that I like her red hair. For obvious reasons.

    We all will look forward to reading the post or in this case, posts, about your sister I am certain you will do justice to the story and tell it just as it should be told. Just as you always do with topics that are important to you.


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