Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Birthday Wish to One of the Good Ones

Funny...I remember Eddie's birthday more often than I remember many of the birthdays of my friends who are still around. So I'm not sure what that should tell me.

It either means:

A) I'm a real bad friend.
B) I have a bad memory in general.
C) Eddie was just one of those super amazing, good people who got in your head, stuck there, and never, ever will go away, no matter how many years pass since he did.

The recent events that went down with my sister had Eddie on my mind a lot, as did a nugget of knowledge I received about my grandfather, who I never met. To me, this was all new info, but apparently my grandfather died at the age of 47 of a heart attack. This was years ago, before I was born, so no condolences please. My mother swears she told me this, and I believe her. I must have blocked it out.

I turn 47 this year.

That is what one refers to as food for thought. The only food, it seems, that is safe for me to eat these days. I'm certainly glad I quit smoking when I did, but man...I sure have so much more to do with the heart problem history we have in this family. So much more. The stress levels I live under aren't helping at all. I gotta learn me some techniques that I can live with.

I miss you, Eddie, but I am not sure I am ready to catch up on The Walking Dead quite yet. Happy Birthday pal...hope you are celebrating with a Romero marathon while you play with some Walking Dead Mini-Mates or something cool like that.

They have VCR's up there, right? Or they still using Betamax? :)


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