Friday, July 18, 2014

Dreams Really Do Come True

Luke, I love the way you say 'Ribald'...

I've been hip-deep in a blog post that has gotten so out of control I am trying to re-structure it before it outright consumes me. Man, it is a long mufugga, even for me. But I wanted to write SOMETHING, and not just toss up another picture of LeBron, and this is as good a reason as any. In fact, it's FANTASTIC.

It seems like a lifetime ago when a group of very generous and outstanding people got together and had an online baby shower in my family's name, raised money and bought be a digital video camera so that I could record the early years of my first son Carter's life. Total strangers, whose only connection was a passion for plastic and felt, back when I was working as the VP of Product Development for Palisades Toys and was heavily involved in an entirely different kind of online community.

A community not of Special Needs Moms and Dads, but of collectors.

That was where I hung my hat, which had hair in it in those days, on the World Wide Web. I wrote articles for the company website back then. My blogging was a regular column called 'Made in China', a production-specific weekly contribution to the website, and then after a while I was doing some fairly regular content and managing contributors. I remember Fan Fridays being one of my favorite things. I dearly loved Luke Milton's 'Punchbunny's Drunken Reviews'.

I don't even REMEMBER how we originally hooked up, Luke and I. But very often, you don't remember how you meet people who just become a regular, or in his case, semi-regular, part of your life.

And although he and I only communicate from time to time these days, I always love it, LOVE IT, when our paths intersect. He helped so much when I tried to launch my own company Creatus Maximus in 2006. Even though I tanked it and only keep the name for use for my freelancing and not for producing my own product anymore, I felt like I let the man down when I failed to get his kockBLOCKerz concept launched into an actual, functional product.

He was kind enough to let me participate in a half-ass way in his website Fruitless Pursuits a while ago. I never could give him the commitment I needed to. I was split between here, Mission: iPossible, struggling with trying to keep the house (which we lost) and write a post there. I had to eventually bail on FP. He was totally understanding.

He's done a ton of cool shit. But this is not a post singing the praises of Luke Milton (or IS it?), though that isn't a bad idea. Though the Special Needs community might say 'Huh? What?', the other types who read this blog would find what he does extremely interesting. I find his latest endeavor very cool.

And although he intends to keep it high-brow and isn't going to be talking about her boobies, his latest Podcast series is all about the work of actress Scarlett Johannson. It's called ScarJo A Go-Go (But don't call her ScarJo, cause that is a No-No!), and you can actually download it directly from iTunes.


And yes, it is totally serious. And remarkably interesting, just so you know. He's a smart mufugga, and knows a shitload about film and dissecting film as a whole, definitely worth anyone's time.

Even if he isn't drunk.



  1. I'd love to comment in their Facebook Group, but I think they are sleeping on their side of the planet right now because I haven't received confirmation on my Join Request. I have my mini-review of Episode 1 all ready to go.

    1. Hi Ken, nice of you to drop by your own blog. You're looking mighty handsome today, I might add.

  2. Yes I was asleep! Thank you, Ken! You're the best! And please never feel you let me down with Kockblockerz. I'm glad I never let YOU down by losing you a ton of money. Would have had a tiny market as a product. But we all had so much fun just playing around with the concept which was the only reward/outcome we needed. It was that interaction with you and the rest of the gang that is really important. Wouldn't change that for anything!

    1. Not even for a million dollars? Are you INSANE? Nah, just a far, far better man than I...:)

      They were fun times and I do treasure the memories. Now I get to generate some new ones. It inspires me too for some odd reason, you bring that out in people, my brother.

  3. Replies
    1. Did I e-mail you today? If I didn't, I dreamed I did or saw your name in my Friends Folder, hit a New Mail button and then must gave been distracted by something and hit Save Draft or SOMETHING, but I know I wrote something to you today. I'm not drunk or anything I swear. I just can't remember, the afternoon is a total blur of some work, some cool e-mails and Bennett biting me and throwing hot dogs around in the kitchen. It was a really nutty few hours. He bit my shin. Who bites SHINS???


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