Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sorta Silent Sunday: It's KINDA Silent, But Still Deadly

I say 'Sorta' because I need to explain what Sorta Silent Sunday will be. In my efforts to continue to build separate and unique, not sure what you call them...compartments, to the blog (and admittedly to finally, after months, to hit double digits in posts within a single month), this is another one of those types of regular things I'd like to try.

Here I'd like to just post some of the photos I've been taking lately, or maybe not even lately but maybe I managed to scan some material in and haven't really done much with it, and not bother with a lot of words. I not writing a lot of words seems rather alien. But like I said...this is me trying to find a new voice for this blog, while still talking about Bennett and his journey and the world that surrounds us.

Maybe new isn't the best term. Maybe refined is...better. Who knows? In any case, I have always tended to do my talking and thinking out loud in this space. This is no different. This round is so Bennett heavy because I am trying to show how FRIGGIN' hard it is to get a shot I like of him in one round of photos...he is a tough little dude to shoot. Carter? He just doesn't cooperate out of sheer will. Bennett doesn't because he doesn't know any better. ;)



  1. These are beautiful photos of beautiful boys. There's an isolation in the ones of Bennet that I'm not sure is my own projection, but I imagine your "eye' captures some of that. I really like what you've done WITH the photos, too, and I hope you'll continue to show us these --

    1. Thanks E...the Bennett series was purposeful. I was trying to show how isolated and alone I think he often feels. You aren't imagining it, I believe that it is there a lot. The stuff on Carter's pics and one of Bennett's are some modified filter work.

      As for continue...I'm shooting for every Sunday to have something. :)


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