Thursday, January 22, 2015


Do you ever lay in bed after a particularly difficult day and wonder how the hell you made it through the entire thing....and then feel like an asshole because no one was shooting at you, no one had their heart beating in your hands while you attempted to save a life, you didn't spend the afternoon exhausted by attempting to discover the cure for a degenerative disease?

It was just you and your insignificant, mediocre life and the stupid bullshit that you let drag you down into places you have no business being? Anybody? That happen to you?

Just curious...never happens to me, I just wonder what that must be like. ;)

Of course...I do wonder how I am going to feel tomorrow after Bennett's Quarterly Review. No wonder I can't sleep. Why these are scheduled in the early hours of the morning is beyond me. Especially since we schedule them. Not enough time for morning coffee, full routine disruption. End result?

4-5 days of constipation meets Butt. After 6 years of effort and hope meets more brick than clouds. There will be some clouds, a few fluffy ones, but most are thick grey storm clouds that don't leave one with a great deal of hope. We have to find that in other ways.

When I know what those ways are I'll let you know. LOL.

On that note...



  1. yes, yes YES, I feel that way.

    and sending good vibes for review.

    1. This reminds me, I need to get on the Blogging Horse again but soon...I've really been slipping of late. Thanks for the comment, much appreciated!


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