Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cooking and the Dude Mentality

This is what you might call virgin territory for me. Maybe not virgin, definitely inexperienced. This is where I get super scared about sharing. Not my area of skill.

But you gotta start, to get to someplace cool. Truthfully I started down this road a couple of years ago. Remember those few posts about food and Vegan stuff a and how great it was? I stayed on the path KINDA, I just veered off a bit. Well I'm on it to stay now, armed with new info, guidance and practical motivation.

If things don't change frankly my quality of life is going to continue to go into the crappah. Can't have that.

I've been stalking the food ideas of people on Pinterest and Instagram, making new friends, learning new things and hopefully getting a clue about how to live a healthier existence. I marvel, stand back in sheer awe at what some folks make to eat that is 100% natural and good for them but looks freaking AMAZING.

This THING I put together for lunch? Nuthin special. Steamed brown rice, seasoned up with a no salt blend of garlic & pepper spices. On top three oz of extra firm tofu, I blackened it a bit with a coarse black pepper blend and a very light dusting of pumped coconut oil. I don't know yet if that's OK for me to use or not. Still trying to figure that out. Didn't use much. In the cup is Organic Green Tea with cinnamon.

Only thing missing for me was some greens. I had some spinach cooked up and then was trying to drain out some juice and dumped it into the sink.

I may need to lose the dude mentality. I didn't want to dirty up a colander so I just tried to use a paper plate to hold the spinach in while the water drained through. I only even used the white China because I knew I was going to take a photo.

That paper plate MacGuyvered strainer got saturated fast, spinach was heavy and like a dolphin being let back out to sea the whole batch slid right out and into the garbage disposal.

Yes, I was pissed. But no so much that I also couldn't laugh at how ridiculous the whole scene was. Especially since it was so avoidable if I'd only been a more thorough Chef and been willing to allow another dish to be placed in the clean-up pile.

Lesson learned? Not likely. Once a dude always a dude I guess. Well, at least I hope so.

The tofu and rice was fantastic. Clean, crisp tasting and damn tons of flavor all over the place. Who would think that tofu would satisfy like this? Didn't used to, but remember...I haven't eaten a steak in around 4 years.

Now tofu tastes like a very hearty fish. Mental illness and delusions can often be a plus. ;)

Maybe someday I'll invite you over for dinner.



  1. Have you seen the Thug Kitchen cookbook? It is all vegan. I just made their breakfast bars today. Good luck!

    1. I looked into it. I am going to definitely start using it.

    2. BTW how is Sam doing? I hate that I lost touch with pretty much everybody from the Misions we did. You haven't blogged much since early 2014, I don't know if that is a good sign or a bad sign.

  2. Everyone who cooks has dumped what they were trying to drain into the sink at least once. It's super fast and easy to just lift that spinach out with a fork, straight onto your plate!


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