There was a time, long, long ago...when I was quite handy with a pencil. Not to mention some ink. And I was just starting to get comfortable working with color in the computer. Painting? Well...I wasn't all that great at it.

But a pencil was my main tool of choice, and not just for using it to knock the wax out of my ears and scratch the hard to reach areas of misunderstandings.

So I loaded a bunch of my crap to deviantART, where artists load up their crap, and this was a while back, and I always intended to sort of manage my art there as a sort of living, breathing portfolio.

And I still do mean to expand it, make it 'breathe' a bit more, add some more in the way of sections and junk, but as with so many things...WHO HAS THE TIME?

Besides, as it stands right now, I am not sure WHAT I want to do with my Future Self.

There is a part of me that figures I might best serve my family by walking away from all sorts of these kinds of creative things and going into something like Nursing, or Waste Removal. Some kind of straight-up trade job where I know I can just get a job and no matter where I go I can find work.

There is another part of me, and it is a rather large part, that feels a calling towards something in the field of charitable works, and this is also something I am very much interested in pursuing.

I just don't know how.

In the meantime, while I figure out myself and my future, I don't want to lose touch with the Artist Within, so I am going to maintain this page here, a living link over to the deviantART page, which I plan to go back into whenever there may be extra time (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) and ditzel around with.

So if you like some of the samples you are finding here, and want to check out some more, and feel like perusing some of My Works in depth, this is how you get there.

Go to the link below, and then visit the Gallery section there. Pretty straight-forward. If you are THAT curious about something you might find, ask me.

My Works

You know me, I'm open to just about anything.


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