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Plush X-Files Flukeman

Canceled product. I often wonder if other people who work in producing collectibles had as much that they developed that was shitcanned as I have seen happen over the past ten years. It all started at ReSaurus, with TONS of canceled stuff, and at Palisades it continued. Kept going with my own little venture with pretty much everything that was planned. Ah well...

X-Files. One of my favorite things in the world. Plush. Another of my great joys. X-Files PLUSH? A disaster of an idea that I am surprised got as far as it did. But, there was a time when we would try anything and see what stuck, and this plush Flukeman is one such item.

This was prototyped by a very talented woman, Susan Capone...she and her husband worked on the Oscar Can Area playset and the 123 Building Playset on Sesame Street, and she also did a smoking jacket for a canceled Pink Panther exclusive. They both did great work, but I don't think anything they did actually ever came out, since we only met each other the la…

One Step Forward, Two...Aw Hell, You Know The Rest

I don't have a whole lot to write about today regarding Bennett. Ive been so completely drained of late thinking, worrying, fretting, watching, hoping, wishing, trying to make sure I eat which I can't seem to do lately, etc. and I don't want to just be a broken record today so I will give a brief update for those that need the info and that'll be it for now.

March 5th, a Thursday, he started ACTH to attempt to control his seizures. During the first week of the two injections a day his seizures lessened a little. Instead of 3-4 clusters of 24-32 seizures per day, it shortened to about 1-2 clusters of as little as 8 as many as 20 seizures per day. After that first week, he went down to half the dose, and went the seizure activity increased again. That was last Friday when the half-dose started.

So as of yesterday, the neurologist has decided to go back to the stronger dose, twice a day, and see where that takes us. More of the super-expensive drug ACTH is on its way and we…

Chronolillogy II: Duke Nukem (Part 1)

(Part 2 in a series about my journey down the career path I am on and some of the stuff that happened along the way.)

So I cut my teeth in the world of toys and collectibles by working on something that was neither a toy or a collectible. The freelance comic-book style drawings I did of characters from a story called Average Joe for The ReSaurus Company Inc. that I went over in the last installment of Chronolillogy got my foot in the door.

OK, maybe not a foot, but definitely a toe.

I kept in touch with Mike, the VP of the Product Development department there, and would occasionally drive down to ReSaurus just to make sure he saw my face often and let him know that I was available for any kind of work. As it turned out, they were getting ready to make some action figures for a license they picked up to a video game called Duke Nukem and Mike let me know that he might need me on some of it. In fact as part of that original pitch for the license Mike had asked me, earlier in the year, to …

Artists Alley: AH!

If you call yourself a fan of comic books, and you do not know what AH! means, then shame, shame on you. AH! is the signature of the amazingly talented Adam Hughes, who is perhaps best known for how he draws the sexy babes.

Remember in the last Artists Alley how I said that deviantART had all kinds of artists on there? I believe the exact quote was "You get the full gambit, from kids just starting out, to guys like me who are sort of in the medium area, to full-on GODS in the professional comic world, like Adam Hughes..." He is one of my all-time favorite artists, in my same love-group as guys like Byrne, Adams, Kirby, Simonson, Ross and others, and he really is a card-carrying member of deviantART.

Check out some of his most recent deviations.

If you'd like to see more of his ASTOUNDING talents in action, check out the deviantART page of Adam Hughes. You'd have to sign up for an account (I think, not sure on that), but it's free and WELL worth your time to have acc…

Looking for The MF-ing Moment

I'm in a bad mood today.

The new week begins, and my Mom and Ken went back home to Arkansas over the weekend. It was great having them here, but she can't stay forever. As of today Jennifer's mother and father are assuming the mantle and looking after Bennett during the day since we can't expose him to Day Care germs while he is taking the ACTH medication. His immune system is just too weak and we don't want to have him catch anything that will complicate his treatments.

But the fact is, Bennett has been on ACTH for over ten days, and it doesn't appear to be working to me. There was a stretch late in the week where his episodes were getting further apart and less intense...he was having one per day for a stretch of three days. But Saturday he had two episodes, and Sunday he had three. Who knows what Monday will bring?

Hell, no one knows if this ACTH will work at all, as I have said before that is the most maddening thing about this. To attempt to treat something t…


Some new Mighty Muggs were added to my collection this week. This of course makes my collection MIGHTIER THAN EVER! I just love saying that. And no, it never gets old.

First up? Filling some holes. An Indiana Jones, Monkey Man? Why they did him instead of a Toht or Colonel Dietrich or even better still, Rene Belloq, is BEYOND ME.

Then another single I stumbled across actually, but happily scooped up since I did not have. Though the connection is not as strong, as it never is with these Expanded Universe Star Wars guys...I just don’t really know who Darth Revan really is beyond what I read, so while great to have him from a collection perspective I'm not really sure I care.

Next Up? Filling some holes. A Darth Maul I had been missing and a First Appearance Iron Man I had been missing. Both off of eBay, great deals.

Another eBay deal, picked up a Whitey. I am considering trying my hand at a custom design and seeing if I can figure out how to actually pull it off and make it l…

I'll Be Block

Some asshat asked me yesterday why I would write blogs about toys or other things instead of focusing any and all of my writings or my time on what is going on with my son Bennett. At first? I was really taken aback and started to question myself and was embarrassed. Then I was just plain old-fashioned mad. Had this person been in front of me, I would have delivered unto him a freshly opened can of Whup-Ass.

Yes, Bennett and his condition and his present and his future is my number one priority. Yes it is weighing me down. I actually feel in many ways as if my entire body is covered in tar and my head is encased in an old-fashioned diving helmet like they wore in that movie with DeNiro and Cuba Gooding. It's that heavy. So I write these things, and try to get into talking about some other things that have nothing to do with seizures or spasms or dysplasia or brain surgery or anything of the sort so that I can lighten that heaviness and try to preserve what little positive mental he…

Getting Punched in the Stomach

Thought I would give an update on Bennett, since I haven't devoted a blog exclusively to him in...what, three days? And I am doing this mostly for the people who have been letting me know via comment, e-mail, phone and whatever that they like to know what is going on in an up-to-the-minute-fashion but also don't want to 'bug' us by calling, writing, etc. First of all, it ain't like anybody's buggin' anybody, but that's neither here nor there.

But I DO get the someone might be hesitant to reach out and contact because of concerns of how we are doing at the moment. There's some hesitation about whether our sleep schedule is weird or Bennett's, whether we are overwhelmed with his care currently. Some people just don't know what to say, and they want to stay connected but think it might bother me to hear the same kinds of supportive things said over and over.

Trust me...I never get tired of the support and neither does my wife. What…

Evolution of Rizzo the Rat (Part 2)

NOTE: Still no change in Bennett, for good or ill. Still hoping for that ONE day where he has no seizures, then I'll take that and keep moving forward. Until then? Frustrating as hell to wake up every morning and stare at the ceiling as I try to find some hidden will to get up out of bed and face each day. Some days are better than others. U2 wrote a song about that. Anyway, on to Part 2 of yesterday's blog...

Continuing with the Evolution of Rizzo the Rat...

Yeah...But What Goes in the REST of the Package…?
Rizzo is a really small Muppet. Consequently he was a really small figure in the scheme of things. Even though scale had to be cheated often in most of the lines I ever worked on, Rizzo is still pretty tiny when you put him next to a package-filling Beauregard or Fozzie or Chef. So we had to figure out exactly what was going to take up all that extra real estate inside the packaging.

Lots of ideas were kicked around. You may not know this, but at one time the bulk of the acces…