For the Newbies

Last Revised February 15, 2014

I decided to re-approach a page for all new arrivals to this blog, mainly because I took over a year off from posting any new content. That essentially means that I am new to these pages too and could use my own refresher course.

That could be a good thing, that year or so of reflection.

It did give me a somewhat different perspective on how I want information to be disseminated in here, how I wanted it presented. What really is 'TMI' and how little is too little. That's becoming important to me now as my oldest son gets older, and is starting to become more aware of the things I do, but also important to me, as I am starting to (finally) become aware of what I do.

Only took 46 years, but I can JUST see the edge of some hint of awareness of how my actions affect others.

I previously had a page called 'New? Start Here' in the starring role for a page like this. It was comprehensive, it was complete, it had all sorts of dates and stuff. It was all about my youngest son Bennett who has multiple disabilities.

It wasn't NECESSARY, especially since this blog is NOT always about my youngest son and his disabilities. It is, in truth, a composite of many things that revolve around MY life, Bennett being one of the main one's certainly, but the blog is not always about him. In fact, since 2009, when I first started writing, when his journey actually began (coincidentally two days AFTER I started the blog, which was going to be about something else entirely - I didn't even mention his first symptoms until the 11th post), many of the posts often stray into topics that the Special Needs readers must look at and say 'Huh?'

But that page, and it's complexity as an introduction, I think it put many people off. It would me. You come to a new site, you wanna know exactly what you are in for, not get caught up in a history lesson about a boy while the main page has a bunch of photos of LEGO looking toys on it. I can have a page for Bennett's main story, and I did and still will, that's the sad thing. I never really got the memo from the Department of Redundancy Department.

So what is Blogzilly 2.OhSh!t about? It's nothing new, it's kinda the same old shit, different day, I just thought it needed some re-definition. Some tightening up.

It starts with me, I'm the person writing the thing. I equated the first incarnation of Blogzilly to a pizza, and I will do the same here to the 2.OhSh!t version...this site has a little bit of everything on it when it comes to my life and what it is like to be a middle-aged guy married to a wife who loves him but wonders why he still likes to play X-box and collect toys, who has a typical son and a severely disabled son.

But it doesn't start with that and it doesn't end with that.

Like I wrote in my Profile years ago, which may or may not be revised, 'while Blogzilly sometimes strays into discussions about movies, TV, toys/collectibles, video games and other such wackiness (which are, essentially, coping mechanisms as much as anything else) much of this blog is about his family and this difficult journey. The changes and fears, the victories and defeats, the stumbles, the lessons, the dreams and most importantly, the hopes. Full emotional disclosure. Warts and all.'

I can't sum up me or my life, or what I tend to write about, much better than that, not without a LOT of bullshit packed in and around it. So if that's the kind of thing you think you can wrap your head around, and don't mind some writing that, at times, can get a little wordy (and I must admit....SALTY!) in today's quick-fix, fast food, Twitter-driven age, then this might be the place for you to drop in from time to time and join in.

And if it isn't? The great thing about this thing we call the Internet? There's always Pinterest or Instagram or Facebook or YouPorn or whatever else floats your boat.


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