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Just a quickie tonight.

You know, since the surgery, we have had some issues with Bennett speaking. He doesn't say much other than No-No. Very rarely Dadda, and rarely again Mamma. It's been a struggle. So much so my mother bought him a shirt, with a fake 'name tag' on it that says 'Hello my Name is No-No'. I guess, since that is the word he hears the most, that's the word he's gonna say the most.

But the other day, for the very first time, he repeated something he'd never repeated before. The word 'juice'. It sounded more like 'Jeeeeeeeeeewzzzz?', but it is significant because it is something he did on prompting from his brother, AND it includes a consonant sound I had never heard before. That's a big deal.

May not seem like a lot, but I got a little choked up. Gave me some hope that I haven't had lately about his development. Some days I have more, some days less. But seeing any new thing is always good. Scratch that. I SEE n…

My, How a Wife and Kids Change Your Collecting Habits

Unless you happen to be Michael Crawford. He seems to still get pretty much everything. I would probably pay money to tour his house. For those who don't do the toy thing but read this blog, Michael Crawford reviews toys and other collectibles at his website Captain Toy: Michael's Review of the Week.

Though I gotta be honest, I don't even know if HE refers to himself as Captain Toy anymore...all I know is that I read his reviews, I enjoy them, and I've seen photos of the dude's collection. A wife and kids has NOT been much of an obstacle for this man.

But it certainly has for me. I think if I had to really be honest and put it in a nutshell I don't collect much of anything anymore. I used to collect like crazy, like CRAZY, stuff like Star Wars for the most part, but other lines too, my own stuff that I worked on, and I almost never didn't get involved in some new line that came out. It was nutty. Now granted, some of it I got for free with 'inter-company…