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Did I have a 'good' Thanksgiving? Many people have asked me this in the last 24 hours. Not particularly. I am so focused in on all the negative crap in our lives I haven't yet evolved to that person I hope to be at some point in all of this. That person who starts looking more at the positive and less of the negative. And the new anti-depresso and anti-freakout drug I am consuming takes many weeks to really start making a difference. (That's cool with me, I did not want a repeat of the weird-o-licious symptoms within 72 hours of being on Cymbalta.)

Anyway, after Thursday's downer post (the subject matter of which contributed to my Thanksgiving ennui with much greater intensity than I thought it would), I wanted to do just do a mish-mash. My thoughts and feelings today are quite random, and my writing is reflective of that.

Essentially what that means is that today I'm bored, have nothing really that interesting to write about so I am just sitting here clacking aw…

Remembering Dad

I didn't certainly plan to piss in anyone's potatoes this fine Thanksgiving, but unfortunately this year the anniversary of the death of my father happens to fall on Turkey Day. And since I cannot afford 100 bucks a week on a therapist, this blog allows me to get around that little wrinkle and purge myself of the junk that trips me up.

If you are celebrating with friends and family, that's great, have a good time, go away (what are you doing on the Internet anyway?). Besides, this is a SUPER long blog and probably breaks every Blog Etiquette rule there is. So, you may want to skip it.

In memory of Dad, I decided to re-post a letter I wrote to him three years ago, which I actually published in a blog I used to write called Grey Matters, on a website for the company I started called Creatus Maximus. The company and the website and it's blogs are history, but I have saved some of those blog entries, and I'm glad I did. Especially ones like these.

Re-reading this several …

Party on the Field

I totally forgot to post some pictures of that event I went to in Baltimore two weekends ago. Meant to. Plum slipped my mind. Well not totally. I did actually post a HUGE album of them on Facebook, but not everyone here has Facebook.

Essentially, these photos are but a few from a party hosted by the company I work for at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday, November 8th, 2009. Food in a really nice suite while the Ravens got beat by the Bengals in Cincinnati on HD TV, and then the guys all got the opportunity to play 2-Hand touch football on the actual field.

GREAT experience to be on that field, and touch that logo, and see the stadium from that perspective. I did not case you were wondering. I am far too fragile in the degenerated disc category to take a chance on throwing out my back. So I decided to take pics, and lots of them.

Tough to shoot in that light, with the sun creeping across the field, so some of it is a little hinky. But hey, with the camera rig I have, I actually th…

Chronolillogy III: A Spaced Oddysee

(Part 3 in a series about my journey down the career path I am on and some of the stuff that happened along the way.)'s been a while since I have written anything in the Chronolillogy section, hasn't it? Well, that happens when your kid is diagnosed with a brain tumor and seizures, has surgery, hefty developmental delays and all that stuff...kind of takes you out of the moment, so to speak. Thus, most of the blogging I do is of an entirely different nature these days.

But occasionally I have drifted back to some of the other things this blog was originally created for...showing off some newly acquired toys and goodies, re-playing old Palisades and Creatus Maximus blogs, etc., and of course working on this very self-centered history of my career, which I call Chronolillogy.

I got my 'soft' start in the world of toys and collectibles via a freelance comic-book style drawing gig for The ReSaurus Company Inc. that I explained with much delight in the first installme…

Back in Block

I get so wrapped up in work, my kids, the wife, the NFL and everything else that is going on right now I keep forgetting to be sure I keep my blog updated with all the cool new block figures I've added to my ever-growing collection.

Of course, I just did a quick count...there are around 263 photos that I have taken and NOT SHOWN here in the pages of Blogzilly, all block figures that I have added to the collection in the calendar year 2009. That includes any MiniMates and Kubrick figures, and an occasional odd figure here or there that qualifies to be in the category. Not to mention all the ones I HAVE NOT EVEN TAKEN A PHOTO OF. That's a lotta figures. But they're small. :)

SO...let's get to it, shall we? In the rapidly expanding world of the MiniMates, it is SICK how many I have been picking up lately. But then again, they are releasing SO many SO often it's hard to keep up if I don't get the stuff when it all comes out.

See this Ghostbusters MiniMates checklist? …