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More Cute PRE-Christmas Pics

Still from the Facebook upload last week. Haven't 'processed' the stuff from our weekend trip or the good Christmas morning stuff yet. Soon...soon...patience. Besides, I have to get the most out of my content. Waddya gonna do? Besides, pictures of kids are ALWAYS fun.

Bennett is sick today. Poor little guy. Sounds like he has a chest full of You can't give kids his age any Mucinex or anything. Hopefully he'll cough all that junk up soon and be done with his illin'. He's been sick a lot lately...but that, actually, is about the most normal thing about him being 2 years and 2 months old. They get sick a lot.

Anyway...on to the pics...which are all technically 'PRE'-Christmas Day, actually. A smattering of Pre-Christmas events, the 'Layton Christmas Party' and the 'Lilly Thanksmas'. 'Thanksmas' is what I call our new tradition of my Mom and my Step-Dad coming up from Arkansas between Thanksgiving and Christmas to c…

And to All...

Hope you all had a nice holiday yesterday. Ours was OK. I'll certainly have more to say than THAT but we are packing up for a weekend trip to another section of Jen's family, so there isn't time.

I loaded a few photos into Facebook from the various Christmas events we've partaken in over the last week or two, and I will be adding more of course, but it was all I had time for. A small taste for those of you who do NOT have Facebook, the photo above was from when my Mom was out here. The below is one of my personal favorite photos of the entire YEAR.

Again...Merry Christmas to all and to all a good rest of the holiday weekend.


The Will to Keep Going

We struggle with that, in all our lives, in the face of many of the obstacles that we each are confronted with. Not all of them involve our disabled children of course. For some, it's their job that is a nightmare, or lack of one. For some, their relationship is disintegrating in front of their eyes. For some, it's the betrayal of a friend or family member. For some, it's receiving a diagnosis of a deadly disease. For some, it's an injury that prevents them from ever doing the things they loved to do before.

Point is, we all have these enemies to face, these chasms to jump over, these mountains to climb. Many of you are fortunate enough to have Faith. That's a powerful, POWERFUL ally to have in your arsenal of daily weapons. I envy those of you that have that. I, at present, do not.

But I do have some weapons, and one of the most powerful of mine is all of you. You, who read these pages, who clickety-clack the occasional words of encouragement. You who always offer s…

Been a Wee Bit Busy of Late...

But now I'm back, ready to get serious about Blogzilly again. Got lots to talk know how it is, I use this as my own cybernetic shrink. I works dee shit out in my head by purging it into the printed word and funky pictures. That's just how I roll. Come to think of it, I can't remember a time when I was NOT an open book, whether it was in a conversation one on one, or on a blog open to the public.

There are some who have noted in the past that I actually use that Open Book Policy as a sort of shield. It's an interesting theory...and one that might have some merit. Constantly barrage someone with whatever I choose to, of a deeply personal nature, and that someone or someones are not only satisfied by that and push no further to ask me about things I do not want to share, but they then leave the experience believing that I have pretty much spilled it all.

Maybe a part of that actually is true. There are roads I don't go down, some by choice, some out of respe…

A Weekful (Sorta) of Kubricks (Part 3)

OOPS! Forgot to set this to go live this morning!

Today we continue taking a look at the Kubrick figures that have been added to my collection over the course of 2009. Some are old, only added this year, some are new. All are cool. That never changes.

First up we have a couple of chase figures from The Matrix trilogy. The Architect and the Keymaker. Both were hard to find, but got them this year at a good price. Thus completes is my Matrix Kubs collection, by the way.

Next, since we are in sort of a miscellaneous movie Kubrick mode, the 2-pack of John Connor and a Terminator-ish Bearbrick based on last summer's Terminator: Salvation. A movie I have still not seen. Wasn't a lot of time for movie-watchin' this past year.

Next a set of three from Tim Burton's holiday classic, A Nightmare Before Christmas. Still need a set or two to complete that set, but picked these up for a good price. Nice to have Sally finally.

Another film I never saw was The Blair Witch Project. And to t…

A Weekful (Sorta) of Kubricks (Part 2)

Today we continue to do what we'll be doing all week...taking a look at the Kubrick figures that have been added to my collection over the course of 2009. Some are very old, that I just happened to be able to get this year, some are new. All are cool.

Well, I think they are anyway...and that's all that matters.

First up we have some samples from the Kubrick Spawn line. Gotta be honest. Never liked Spawn. Thought the comic book was pretty bad, frankly, and I was into comics then. But truthfully there were a lot of VERY successful, yet very badly written, comics in those days. That wouldn't prevent me from getting their Kub counterparts though, I just have waited to get these DIRT cheap. Still have a ways to go to complete the whole set, but again...patience...

Next up, since we are in superhero mode, let's look at some stuff from Watchmen. Now Watchmen? GREAT book. One of the greatest of all time, in fact. The film adaptation from this past year of the comic? One of the gr…

A Weekful (Sorta) of Kubricks (Part 1)

Lots of stuff has been going on. Lots of stuff. Some good some not so good. But I have nary the time nor the will to blog about it for the time being. Every time I try to blog about something 'serious' I just end up with a giant pile of crap.

So, since I also have this unbelievable need to actually keep this thing updated, I feel like trying to get caught up on showing off some of the many, and I do mean many, Kubrick figures that have been added to the collection over the course of 2009. Just gonna write up a week's worth tonight while Carter is at his Karate belt ceremony and I am here with Bennett, and set them to go live the rest of the week. That way I can stay focused on all the other stuff I gotta do this week.

Many of these are thanks to a good buddy who knows who he is, who has sort of taken it upon himself to be my Kubrick Savior. He watched out for stuff I might want or need, keeps me posted on stuff, and helps me get my hands on it for a lot cheaper than I normal…