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RMH Funkiness

In Cleveland now, staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

A bit of funkiness this trip. Whoever stayed in the room before us did NOT clean the sheets. As I took them out of the closet to make the beds I noticed a bit of a funkiness to them.

No outright BO or foul smell, just...not right. They did not smell like freshly laundered sheets. Of course, it's late on a Sunday night, the Linen closet is locked and I have no desire to go bother the night caretaker. So I go to the laundry room to wash the sheets myself.

All out of soap.

Someone did not refill all the pre-measured soap cups. So, I looked in the bin of all the soap cups that people had dumped their liquid detergent into their laundry from and then tossed in the bin. Took me 20 painstaking minutes, but I managed to consolidate some of all that into a full cup.

Sheets are being cleaned as I write.

Tomorrow only one appointment with the Epileptologist, probably just to go over the medications, ask follow-up questions and the like. I e…

Holland Sucks

Not the actual country of Holland, mind you. I have nothing against it. In fact, I've never been there. From what I hear they have some lovely windmills and some over-the-top porn, but honestly that is the extent of the very limited and likely flawed knowledge I have of the place.

I'm talking about something entirely different. Most parents of so-called 'special needs' children are probably aware of what I am talking about. A very beautiful piece of writing by Emily Perl Kingsley, a former writer for the television show Sesame Street, winner of 12 Emmy Awards, and author of several children's books. This 'poem', called 'Welcome to Holland', is the author's attempt to explain what it was like to raise a child born with Down's Syndrome.

The piece wants to lead you to believe that even though you think you're life is going to turn out one way, but instead it turns out entirely different, that in order to cope and to hope and to get the most o…

Fledgeling Ass-Kicker

Image update on Bennett and all that stuff. Still want to, but I'm having a difficult time putting everything down in a manner that pleases me. Scratch that...not pleases a manner that is as precise as I want to be. Not sure why precision means that much to me, sometimes I just let my cyber-lips flap away, but these are dangerous grounds sometimes, and I want to be sure I say exactly what I mean and mean exactly what I say.

And yet, despite the numerous starts/deletes on a Bennett-Specific update, I am still compelled to put SOMETHING in here, if for anything else just to let those that read this blog (as a way of keeping tabs on whether or not I've finally jumped into the Great Abyss) know that I haven't, as yet, taken that plunge. the meantime, enjoy this picture of Carter in his Taekwondo uniform, not sure what the technical name is of the outfit. He did NOT want this picture taken, for some odd reason.

Anyway...he is up and down about whether he digs T…

OK, I Admit It...Something's Up

Yeah, head is in a shitty place.

Yesterday's Ravens/Patriots game and the Cardinals/Packers game were both nice nuggets of coolness over the weekend. Though I was EXTREMELY unhappy about the outcome of both of Saturday's games. I did not want Cincinnati to lose to the Jets, and I was mortified to see the Eagles lose to the Cowboys for the second straight week.

Friend of mine put it very well...the window has probably closed on the Eagles for a while as far as their Super Bowl hopes are concerned. Sucks.

So where was I? Oh yeah...back to the poop thing. My mind HAS been in such a shitty place lately and it has affected my blogability as you may (or may not have) noted. How you like that? New word. BLOGABILITY. I just invented it. Probably not, some numbnut probably said it already. Doesn't make it any less cool, just means I probably am not going to go down in history as the inventor of a new word.

As I rounded the corner from 2009 into 2010, I had hoped that I woul…

Two Birds. One Stone.

A little backstory.

Over the Post-Christmas weekend, I went with Jen and our boys to a small town near Cincinnati for a Christmas party there attended by the folks from Jen's Dad's side of the family. We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast overnight. Very cool. A good time was had by all. Now, my sister-in-law Mandy has a couple of boys, Jackson and Anthony, and they were there too.

Well, I had my laptop, was showing some people a bunch of photos on my computer. Mandy comes over and I show her some shots of her kids and Bennett that Jen took with her camera that Mandy had never seen. Later, she asked if I'd hook her up with some. Sure. Why not?

But, you know me...if I have One Stone (a photo project) and Two Birds to Kill (a request for said photos and a Blog to keep updated) then why not take advantage of it?

SO...Mandy, here are the ones I could find. Just click the pics to go to the larger pic, and then download the large pic. The rest of ya? Just enjoy all the rampaging CUTENE…

Win...And In...

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens, who, despite a dismal 9-7 season, managed to squeak into the playoffs by beating the Raiders today. Second year in a row that we've made the playoffs. Nice.

And, since Wes Welker may be SERIOUSLY injured now, our chances of a win in New England just improved. Now is the time though...Baltimore has never beaten New England in their young history as far as I know, and I hope this is the time that our losing streak against them ends.

Should be a fun wild card weekend. I will be alone most of that weekend as Jen is taking the kids up to her sister's, so it'll just be me, football, X-Box 360 and take-out.