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Now, call me crazy, but I believe, as strongly as I have ever believed in anything, that if you pay $3,500.00 for this... we did 3 years ago, then I believe that you should not be in a position to have to repair or replace something on the item. EVER.

But that's just me. I think 3.5K is a ton of scratch for a TV. But we were doing well at the time, and we splurged. I mean, once we got a taste of what HD was at this size? Well, the ladies will certainly understand what I mean when I say it is very difficult to go back to something smaller.

And yet, here I sit, blogging as I wait for the clock to hit 10:00 AM, so that I can start calling local stores in an effort to find this:

Yes, this little baby, the projection lamp, burned out last night, and now this very expensive TV is just a very expensive corner decoration. And I gotta go find one and replace it.

And they are NOT cheap, these little XL-5100 lamps. Not cheap at all.

Of course, Mr. Double-Edged Sword has something to point o…

Oh I Love Trash...

Anything dirty or dingy or dusty.
Anything ragged or rotten or rusty.
Yeah, I love trash!

I got me a sneaker that's tattered and worn.
It's all full of holes and the laces are torn.
A gift from my mama the day I was born.
I love it because it's trash!

...and so on and so forth. This is the song my son Bennett would be singing.

If he could sing.

Or talk.

Yesterday was a day like any other. Pretty much all days go down the same, yeah? I mean, day in, day out sort of thing. Routine is the norm. Imagine my surprise when I walk in the kitchen yesterday to see Bennett PULLING FOOD OUT OF THE FREAKING TRASH CAN AND CONSUMING IT.

Now, granted, I'm impressed that he has figured out how to open the lid. That in and of itself is super. I also got used to him beating on the silver top like a steel drum, and this trash can makes a helluva loud, reverberating sound when thwacked with human flesh. Over.

And over.

And over.

But like I used to it. Sort of became a kind of background n…

2009 Questions and Answers

How'zit goin?

I found this over at Katy's blog called Bird on the Street a LONG time ago, but never got around to actually answering the questions in 2009, but I have some time today and am looking for subjects, so I figured what the hell. It was in my blog drafts, so I figured I'd finish it and post it.

Been struggling of late to come up with blog material that I think people might actually find interesting that does not involve the latest frustrations over Bennett's situation, and this'll do for now.

1. What did you do in 2009 that you'd never done before?
Watched a human being recover from brain surgery.

2. Did you keep your New Year's resolutions and will you make more for next year?
I made none at all. I was shell-shocked when 2010 began, and wasn't in a resolutiony mood. But do I need to set some goals? Hell yes. In fact, I found an old Goal Sheet that I want to share at some point that I must have written 20 years ago. It's interesting.

3. Did anyon…

An Unusual Change of Pace

For the last couple of weeks, when Bennett needed to be taken to his new school (it's called Step By Step Academy, by the way), I would do the driving. I'd make a right on the first main road to go in the opposite direction and get Carter to his pre-school, then I'd turn around and head in the other direction to head to SBSA (what I will call Bennett's school from here on out).

All in all? I was spending around 3 hours in the car/loading and unloading kids.

Now keep in mind something you might not be aware of. Very late last year I was temporarily laid off. Not sure when I will be back to work if at all, though the plan is that I will be at some point. That's something I haven't blogged about yet, and I will certainly go into more detail on a future post, but at least for the immediate time being I am unemployed. Again.

So I didn't mind the driving, it was cool with me, and it certainly was less of a burden on Jennifer.

But it's a lot of gasoline, which ain…

Photos from Fecal Park

Just of my kids though. Not of any residuals.

Jen's cousin Angie took a bunch of pics of everybody and everything at the Water Park mentioned in yesterday's somewhat embarrassingly filthy (even for me) blog.

In case you don't know who Angie is, though I have mentioned her a few times in the past, she is the red-headed cousin of Jennifer who originally sold us the house we live in today. I gave her a Phoenix action figure this past Christmas because she once told me in passing that one of her goals in life is to get a cool-looking Phoenix costume for Halloween.

Can't argue with that. Phoenix is an all-time fave.

Anyway, that's her (Angie not Phoenix...well, the TOY is Phoenix), and here are the pictures that I essentially stole from her Facebook page.

Cause that's how I roll.


Fecal Park

OK, now admittedly I have some issues.

One is thinking a bit too much about things that skeeve me out.

This past weekend, Jen took the boys to a sort of Hotel/Water Park combo place, somewhere near Mansfield, OH. I think it was called Splash Harbor or something...lemme Google it. Yeah...that is the place.

Now, I won't go anywhere near a public pool, but far be it from me to prevent my kids from going if Jen is into the idea of taking them.

Me? All I can think about is all the shit and snot and skin and pee that is floating around in that water. Totally gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Now you're saying...C'mon man, I can understand the pee thing, but actual shit? And the chlorine kills all that stuff anyway.

Not buying it.

First off, not every adult is going in to that water freshly showered. Now, you know how pissed you get when you have to drop a deuce AFTER you have already taken your shower for the day? Why's that? Because no matter how hard you wipe back there you are always…

One Year

On February 12, 2009, Bennett had his first set of seizures.

Happened around 7-ish or so in the evening. Very slight. Hardly noticeable. Watching him have them for the first time was almost comical...I thought he was just playing some kind of game, doing some kind of 'kid thing'.

Turned out he wasn't.

It's been exactly one year.

What a year.

It feels like ten.

I think I have some things I want to say about it...I think I do.

Not sure.

I wanted to at least acknowledge the date, I feel compelled to do so, kind of a thing where I feel to NOT acknowledge it is something that doesn't honor my son. But I can't gather my thoughts or pierce through my emotions today to write something clever or witty or insightful about reaching the one year mark.

It's powerful. More powerful than I thought it would be, despite the fact that it is a day like any other day, and nothing is really different today than it was yesterday or will be tomorrow.

And yet it affects me in ways I can…

Don't Hold the Applause

So you had a few days of some chewy, moist and delicious updates and then whoosh...gone for a day or two. That typically happens after one of these hospital visits. They are tiring. They are long and draining. The day you get back you are a bit spent, and in many cases mopping up loose ends that were left undone prior to the departure from your home.

Sometimes it takes a few days to get back on track.

And anyway...sorry for the delay in the Big Recap. I understand some people were very concerned, because when it comes to me and no blogging, many times the lack of blogs goes hand in hand with me fighting the bad stuff.'d the trip go? Overall very well.

Bennett's MRI currently does not show any re-growth of tumor cells, that's very good. He will have another MRI in 3 months. The Oncology team noted something strange in the right hand side of his brain, some kind of malformations in and around the temporal lobe.

Now, I am gonna worry about that for a while...even though …

Meatloaf Would Be Proud

So we went over today to see Dr. Lachhwani, the Epileptologist who has basically been the Quarterback of Bennett's case ever since we transferred his care from Nationwide Children's Hospital of Columbus to Cleveland Clinic.

Appointment scheduled for 11:00 AM, and we finally saw him around 11:38 AM. Because of this I do not bitch. First of all, shit happens, but secondly because of how quick he is to act and react to things.

He asked us about all we were up here to do. At this point we were supposed to have the following done at the 6 month pre-operative milestone:

1. MRI
2. Blood Work
3. Neuro-Psychiatric Follow-Up
4. 2Hour Follow-Up EEG
5. Surgical Follow-UP
6. Oncology Follow-Up
7. Epileptologist Follow-Up

Yet, as he observed on the appointment chart, that there was no EEG, no Neuro-Psych and no Blood Work scheduled. This annoyed him. He knows we come from a distance and thinks someone should have done a better job on their side to make sure we got the appointments that we needed in o…