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More K Stuff & K's Stuff

I mentioned yesterday that my Parents-in-Law were going to shoot Carter as he went from Day Care to Kindergarten. Perhaps 'shoot' isn't the best word choice here. TO PHOTOGRAPH. Of course that's what I meant.

Here are some shots from that fateful day, oh so long ago. I mean yesterday.

What is interesting is that you can see the boy had fun, but you would NOT know that from talking to him upon his return to Lilly Manor. He was, well, I gotta be honest here, being VERY bratty for a while. Probably tired out. No nap. He was SO in a bad mood. Stomping, challenging and taking a lot of his feelings out on Bennett.

Have you ever heard the expression 'SHIT ROLLS DOWNHILL'? It's true. If I punish Carter or 'nudge him verbally' (YELL), he finds some way to take it out on his baby brutha. What's that leave Bennett with? I guess I gotta get a dog or something. (I just hate to do that to the poor DOG though. Maybe a snake...I hate snakes.)

And just because, in t…

First Day of K

Today marks a huge turning point in the life of our first born kiddo, Carter Maximus Lilly. It is his very first day of Kindergarten. Yup, the boy is on his way into the public school system.

I don't know whether to jump for joy or cower in fear. :)

I think I'll jump for joy now and just make sure to check ALL his curriculum when he is going through each grade...who knows what versions of history are now being taught in our public schools.

Carter is 6 years old now, we held off starting him since his birthday fell on the cusp, in July. We had the option of either having him start Kindergarten kinda youngish compared to the other kids or let him age a bit, like a fine wine, and then go in with a slight advantage in age/height/weight.

I was an even later baby than Carter, born in September, and I went in to Kindergarten at age 5, so I was always one of the younger boys, and I always felt a little intimidated. We opted for choice #2. And I think it was a good call. Time will tell.


New Videos of the Non-Porn Variety

Why do we still call them videos when there is no video at all as far as tape and stuff? What should we call them now? I'm open to suggestions.

Thought I might link you up to a few newer videos of Bennett. See how he's growing. He's a BIG kid, super tall for his age. He and Carter both. My hope is that they take after my uncles (my Mother's brothers). They're all tall drinks o' water, and I'm hoping my boys are too.

Here's a shorty...makes a basket and then slams his head in the floor in celebration. Um...easy there fella. (The woman in the background is his Nurse's Aide).

This one is at the dinner table, eating some chicken nuggets and fries. Why no plates/napkin/anything for him to eat it on? Cause whatever we put down he picks up and flings across the room or spins. (We clean the table really well prior to serving, trust me.)

Here's one of him just playing around. Eventually he always finds something to spin. That's a part of the Autism thing…

Anniversary and Bullets

Today marks the one year anniversary of the surgery Bennett had to remove his Type II Oligoastrocytoma, a brain tumor causing his intractable epilepsy last year.

One year. Wow.

Time flies and yet it doesn't. It was also eleven years ago today that I first met Jennifer in the parking lot of a local Meijer store for our first date. We'd met online, had exchanged some e-mails, and spoken on the phone some, but this was the first day we actually met each other face to face. We went to a local restaurant called Bravo's, an Italian place. Had coffee afterward. Talked for hours. Took her back to her car and hugged her goodnight, said I'd like to do this again sometime.

That is, essentially, how she looked the day I met her. She's the one in front holding her niece. The redhead in the back is our cousin Angie, pregnant at the time so be sure you make a mental note of that as, if she actually reads this I am going to catch hell for not showing her at her 'best', (But…

Worth Maybe a Hundred Words at Best

This is TOTAL filler. Not gonna lie to you. I've had it in my Drafts a while, but not published it. I am a bit...pre-occupied with some personal stuff that I am not comfortable blogging about, BUT I also know how it works. I don't put something up I lose people.

I hate losing people.

Someone e-mailed me recently about some junk. Out of the blue, they mentioned that they had been reading my blog. I was surprised, as I usually am, because the person was not someone I expected as a reader.

Truthfully, I guess you never can tell who will and will not have any interest in whatever it is you have to say. That's as true in the 'real world' as it is on the Internet. Makes sense to me.

One question at the end made me chuckle a little. It was 'What the hell are all of the pictures of at the top and how come you crop stuff in so tight up there? Wouldn't you rather just pick one image and just show it rather than be all montagey?'.

Not sure 'montagey' is a word,…

Because I Happily Pimp My Peeps

Whether they want it or not.

Meet Robert, one of my compatriots from my time spent in the lovely but horrifically hot and bug-infested city of Savannah, Georgia, while studying for my Masters in Sequential Art at the Savannah College of Art & Design, back in the day when you had to GO to Savannah to actually attend the Savannah College of Art & Design. I took that photo above myself, in class, cause I'm funny like that. I like taking pictures of people.

He's one of the few people from that era in my life I still communicate with, though the power of the Internet has also reconnected me a bit with a few of the other guys from my class and the girl I lived with, not to mention one of my favorite professors of all time. This man changed my life, and not because of art...he gave me a second chance in a situation where I believe no other person would have, and I have never, EVER, forgotten the Life Lesson I learned because of it.

My professor did that, not Robert. Let's ge…

Black & White

I was not originally going to publish this. After I had finished it, I thought that it was, I don't know...too much. Too much of WHAT exactly I can't say simply because I don't really know, but I made the decision to put it back as a Draft with the dozens of other un-published blogs I have written over the last two years.

But then I started reading some blogs of my Brethren and Sistren...and I changed my mind. Call it fate. Call it luck. Call it Karma...but it seemed to me that each step I took through Blogville today made me second guess the decision. Especially you, Ellen, if you happen to read aren't usually so...vulnerable. It reached me in a way I hadn't expected.

It also made me think that maybe...just maybe, hitting PUBLISH was the first step I need to take to get where I need to be.

I think anyone knows what I mean when I say that we, as a species, are very good at reducing our own perception of the severity of things in our own heads. …