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Goals Both Old and New

Lots of blogs have 'Best of' Lists, Resolutions, Re-Caps, and other such things in order to put the year that is about to leave us behind into some kind of perspective.

The celebration of the coming of The New Year.

It's such a part of the fabric of human nature isn't it? To try to bring order to our lives in this manner, when in fact there really is going to be no difference between today and tomorrow.

Not really.

And yet, somehow, there is.

It's strangely the weirdest frakkin' thing I have every tried to wrap my pea-brain around, and I have never really been able to. Why do we get SO wrapped up in it? Every single solitary year? And oh boy do we ever?

It's become a ritual for us. And we all believe, we desperately believe, that THIS year will be the one that we REALLY follow through on the promises we make to ourselves to power forward and make the changes in our lives we need to make.

Can you imagine what Life would be like if we lived every day like we do duri…

I’m a Driver. I’m a Winner.

Things are gonna change I can feel it.

I know everyone was on the edge of their collective seats, wondering how I fared in my Fantasy Football Super Bowl, especially considering the fact that Sunday Night's Vikings/Eagles game was canceled due to snow and moved to Tuesday. Excuse me?

Yes, the debate continues to rage about just how far this whole 'safety' thing is really going to go, and some fear that soon we will see flags dangling from the belts of our beloved players, but let's hope not. Me? I want to see it go the OTHER way.

Yup. Random land mines throughout the field, set by the league, so neither team knows where they are.

But I digress.

Indeed, no need to drag it out or try to surprise you (I think the title KIND of gave it away already, no?) but yes, I did win the Creatus Maximus Fantasy Football League Super Bowl. My team, Go-Go Godzilla!!! beat hbk1313 by the final score of 144 to 120.

This is the first Super Bowl victory for any Fantasy Team I have ever had in A…

A Christmas Miracle


And of course, this woman has NOTHING to do with what I am going to write about. But hell...if the chick pics get the page views, then by GOD I'll do what I have to do. And hey, she is pretty miraculous, huh guys? (The few guys who actually read this thing...and to the gals, um...sorry.)

OK...moving along.

I started out with a post that I had begun to write on Christmas Eve, about something good, something that, in reality, was a Christmas Miracle*, if one could be said to exist in my world, and yet to get to that point in a day filled with tremendous ups and downs the damn thing turned into a novel.

SO, I had to cut it up and figure out a way to chop it into some different blogs for different times. Let's focus, for now, on just the good part of that day, not the twists and turns that got me to it.

Besides, been doing a LOT of bitching here lately, haven't I?

It's OK, I can admit it. Call me Mr. Scrooge if you want to. Or worse, I can take it. I wo…

The Magic Number is 8. Again

I'm a clever son of a bitch, you gotta give me credit for that huh? See? The last post about the Number 8, about Followers, I was able to segue into this post because I was so busy over the weekend I wasn't able to write anything until today's post, and since today's post specifically involves the number 8 again, I was able to link the two titles together in a very...

Ah...who gives a shit, really?

What's important is this, dear readers...EIGHT years ago today, on December 27th, 2002, I got married.

Somehow I got myself a real hottie too.

Go figure.

I am 100% geek and I'll never win a beauty contest. I'm socially awkward at times though at other times, when I feel confident, I can be charming beyond measure, it just depends on the circumstances. I'm very unpredictable in that way. It's one of the things I wish I could figure out how to have control over within myself, because when I can BE that confident person I can accomplish tremendous things, like …

The Magic Number is 8

There are 8 more days left until 2010 is over.

And ironically, because of the fact that in the past week Blogzilly picked up a couple more followers, there are only 8 more slots needed to get to the magic number of 100.

Now I know that it means two things.

Jack and Shit.

But for some strange reason I cannot put my overly chewed-up finger on I want that number at 100. Call it the anal-retentive, obsessive-compulsive aspect of my personality. Or just call it looking for anything to CALL a victory even though it may have no meaning in what has been arguably the most difficult year of all my 43.

I thought last year was.

I was wrong. This year has it beat. I'll explain why in a re-cap of 2010, the bad AND the good, but 2009 was definitely an easier year to get through.

Anyway...just thought I'd toss that out case anyone wanted to invite a friend over to Blogger or something. I'll even send them some nude photos or something. Not of ME or anything, God no...of somebody. I&…

Gentlemen...Start Your Screaming

I've mentioned before that lately Bennett has had some rather peculiar behaviors. Well, he's had LOTS of peculiar behaviors for a long time now, but these particular ones have really started to shake me up.

What's rather ironic is that at the core of this is a behavior that is very natural and very normal. Yes, I said NORMAL. I have no issue with the word NORMAL. Being forced to say typical just rubs me the wrong way. Just like being forced to say 'Differently Abled' instead of 'Disabled'.

Look, I can get behind not saying 'Retarded'. I get it. Frankly, the word rubs me the wrong way too sometimes, particularly because I know one day some stuck up, thumb-up-his ass kid who needs to be knocked down several pegs will call my son that and many things far worse. I understand the whole 'R-Word' movement. But 'Differently-Abled'? lose me.

But back to Bennett. The normal behavior he exhibits is Separation Anxiety. The boy misses his…

Mr. Fantasy

WAY back at the beginning of the NFL season, I mentioned that for the first time that this was to be the first year in a LONG while I would not be participating in Fantasy Football.

Turns out I was wrong. At the 11th hour, my homies at the old Creatus Maximus message board pulled together a handful of guys to participate.

The season did not start well.

I had a dismal 2-4 record to start the year, even though I had some pretty good players, including the NFL's number one rusher in Arian Foster and Tom Brady, who I have had on my team as a QB almost every year and who always puts up good numbers.

After that 4th loss, I decided that I was sick of losing. I started making moves. I took some lessons to heart that I had learned from Mike Horn, who introduced me to Fantasy Football, and I started using the Free Agent market like a revolving door based on potential match-ups of the upcoming week. By the end of the season I had more 'moves' (transactions or movement of players) to and…


I used to be a HUGE Major League Baseball fan, until I came to my senses and started liking the NFL.

One of the attractions to baseball was statistics. I love them. I do not know why, I am not a numbers guy in the slightest. I am terrible at Math. I struggled to get a 'C' in basic college Algebra.

So when I started reading Claire's Post about search word's that lead to her blog that were 'I Hate Having a Disabled Kid' I wondered first how she even knew how people were searching for her site, and then I wondered, what 'keywords' were people using that brought them to me?

Especially since my last post was about Blogzilly and its future, I was fascinated when Claire pointed me to a Statistics page I did not even know about. I have a SiteMeter thing that tells me how many page views I have and stuff though I have no idea what it means and the number is amazingly small, but this Statistics page in the Blogger user interface I never noticed before.

Wanna see some…