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LOST Muppet

It's no secret I am a huge, HUGE fan of LOST. It comes to an end next month, and I am very bummed about it. There simply isn't anything as good on television in my opinion as this show.

A couple of days ago a buddy pointed me in the direction of this photo.

Now, I'm absolutely sure it reveals nothing of consequence about the plot of the last episodes, because the producers and main writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, shown in the photo, don't do ANYTHING without a purpose to it. It's their nature.

Cool pic though, huh?

Well, how about this? Here's an isolated area of the pic.

Imagine my complete glee to see an action figure that I actually designed and art directed through production sitting on their desk amongst the clutter. Yes it's Beaker, the action figure that was released with the Muppet Labs Playset, a companion piece to the very first series of Muppet figures we released at Palisades Toys.

Seeing that figure in there raised my mood level a solid 4.…


A really interesting article on Autism's alarming rise since 1988. Many thanks to my soul sister Sinead for posting this in her Facebook Status Update. It is a very interesting article.

Read it at your leisure, but this is what struck me and resonated with me for some reason.

We require a Manhattan-Project style operation spearheaded by the Federal government, and we needed it ten years ago. This crisis is too serious to ignore in mild complacency any longer.

Think about what that means. Essentially...the Autism rate and its dramatic increases each year is an epidemic. And the reference to The Manhattan Project is much like talking about landing on the moon. If we as a nation devote a huge amount of energy and resources to something, we are usually going to achieve amazing things.

The issue is we don't do that when it comes to most diseases/disorders. We nibble at a lot of things, we don't take voracious bites out of any ONE thing. That, and the private sector is much less in…

The Club

Man the weather is nice outside today. What the hell am I doing indoors? I gotta get out there and mow the lawn, I just need to wait until the sun gets into the front yard completely and dries the dew. Shouldn't be too much longer.

You should take a look at Ellen's blog today. She writes a great one called To The Max!, or 'Love That Max!'. It was 'To The Max!' and it still shows up that way in my subscription but the photo and title say 'Love That Max!'. I must somehow convince her that 'To The Max!' is the most genius title ever and she should keep it.

Anyhoo...she gave me a nod, and I appreciate it, and wanted to return the favor. And her post today is very uplifting, very inspiring. They usually are, but she talks about her journey over the years in an attempt to explain what I had been wondering...How are you so upbeat and positive as a parent of a child with Special Circumstances?

I wonder that about many of the folks who write their blogs s…

Get Things Started...Again

I've spent a lot of time both here at at my old Creatus Maximus blog sharing the past experiences I had and talking about the old toys and collectibles I had a hand in making while working for ReSaurus and Palisades Toys. That's how I am...sentimental. But also, I have a sincere appreciation for those days because as of yet nothing has come close to matching those two experiences in my career.

Got close last year while working with Mike Horn, former Prez of Palisades Toys, but we weren't able to get back to where we once belonged with it before some problems with the company that funded MVP forced Mike to fly solo on it for a while and for me to go back into looking for work.

Today's Blogzilly was supposed to be all about Bennett. It was supposed to be about some startling discoveries I made and suspicions I confirmed over the weekend while cataloging and labeling some Home Digital Video Discs. It's some very fascinating and heartbreaking stuff.

And I will get to it.…

Swiper No Swipee?

Sometimes, other people's blogs that I read are just better than anything I am going to be able to write on any given day. In those instances I am not above stealing their material and either posting it here or linking to it.

In this case, I am gonna do both. I got this from the blog Better Than Normal, a blog written by one of my Cyber-Sisters Melanie. She writes about her son, Daniel, and has a very nice Welcome Message that makes me think I need to come up with something like that for my blog. It is a little dense and confusing and not easily processed for any newbie.

Much like me. But I digress yet again. Here is the piece of writing I wanted to steal from Melanie and post here. I edited it a bit. Of COURSE I can't NOT screw around with it. :)


I am the child who cannot talk.

You often pity me, I see it in your eyes. You wonder how much I am aware of -- I see that as well. I am aware of much -- whether you are happy or sad or fearful, patient or impatient, full …

Re-Examining the Skull

My favorite movie trilogy of all time?

No brainer. The Star Wars Original Trilogy.

If I had but one Trilogy to take with me to a desert island, it would be that. Hopefully I would have a chance to watch it, even though I might have to pause it every 108 minutes to press the button and keep the world from ending. But I digress...

What's my second favorite Trilogy of all time? The Indiana Jones Trilogy. Funny that George Lucas is responsible for 6 of my all-time favorite movie-going experiences.

Though, now that I think about it, after the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull two years ago, I'm not sure that (since there probably won't be a 5th and 6th installment) you can call it The Indiana Jones Trilogy anymore.

You'd have to call it The Indiana Jones Quadrilogy I suppose.

That's even accept KOTCS as a legitimate installment and not some awful attempt to cash in on the character of Indy while Harrison Ford was still alive. Many …

Eddie Wires is Still My Personal Jesus

And most of the people who read this blog have NO idea who I am even talking about.

Well, a few years ago I worked for a company called Palisades Toys. Worked with Eddie for the first time there I think. I don't think I knew him in the ReSaurus days. Anyway, this is a guy who paints stuff for different companies in the Toy/Collectible Bidness like nobody else. His work is just outstanding.

If you feel like checking out his website, which he seriously needs to update, feel free to go to his website and marvel at all things Eddie.

If that doesn't float your boat, maybe this will. An old Palisades interview I did with him from back in the day. For one of our web features called The Daily Bit.

Why the sudden nostalgia for Eddie? We sort of re-connected this past year by working on MVP Collection stuff together, and it re-invigorated our relationship. So now we keep in better touch. The problem? Once we get on the phone with each other we're like two high school chicks...we talk fo…

Where is Your U-Zone?

Do you have a place that you go to sort of get away from people in your immediate surroundings? Some folks have gardens, dens, giant bathrooms, offices, hell I know one guy who turned his garage into sort of a Man Cave. TV in there and everything. No A/C or heat, but I don't think that matters when you need the decompression time.

It's 5:35PM, on a Monday afternoon. I have the feeling things are going to be rough again with Bennett tonight like they were yesterday. Molar City. Pain. Resulting in screeching, throwing, slapping, biting and a generally unpleasant disposition.

My solution?

Retreat to the basement. What I like to call the Fortress of Sold-it-tude. It really isn't a place for fun, it's all about work. I have stuff to count, stuff to wrap, stuff to ship, stuff to photograph and stuff to go through, and this is where I go when I need to have a zone just for me. Hell I spend most of the day down here anyway.

Damn...having the laptop this close to the wireless rout…

Stuff I Want Back

As you may or may not know, one of the things I do to stay afloat in these lean times other than some occasional freelance work (got a gig right now that is awesome...I'm totally freaking out over it), is sell stuff on the Internet.

You see, I've been a collector of toys, action figures, statues and the like for as long as I can remember, though never quite as much as after I got out of graduate school. Then I went berserk. I used to have rooms and rooms of the stuff, as you can see in this blog I wrote last October.

The philosophy about collecting nowadays is as true this morning as it was the last time I wrote about it. I purchase nothing unless I believe it will increase in value and I have to be able to, if necessary, let it go if I have to when times are tough.

Reason I thought about this today is because this week I spent a lot of time photographing my Kubrick collection. Not the Kubrick figures I sometimes buy to re-sell, I'm talking about my pride and joy collection.…

Just Me and The Kid

This week is Spring Break for a lot of folks. Although it varies from state to state, place to place, this is that time of year when schools have that week off for the kids to go do...whatever kids do these days (I'm so freakin' grateful I don't have daughters). I know when I was a kid I never, not one time, actually went to some far-off location for Spring Break. Nor did I ever see boobies.

But then again, I was a fuggin' geek. What would I have done at one of these shin-digs? Probably not a whole lot.

Anyway, it's Spring Break at Bennett's school as well, since it actually works like a real school. Does that mean he will be out all summer though? No...they have a summer program for those deemed 'Super Needy'.

Bennett's been deemed.

Mon-Tue and Thu-Fri the grandparents on my wife's side have stepped in to be the Bennett Caregiver of the Day. But they were busy today, so I get the duty. Hee hee...he said 'duty'. Heh heh.

So far this morning …