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Mice. Men. Doesn't Really Matter Does It?

They are still the best laid plans and they always seem to go awry don't they?

John Lennon was definitely not a stupid man. At all. I'll get back to that.

My plans for so many things got blown to Hell and gone this week. The stomach virus I caught earlier kept me from writing about how I took a 3-9 Fantasy Football team from last place to a Super Bowl Championship. A fascinating Cinderella story.

Sorry, Elizabeth and Claire, I know you are both deeply, deeply disappointed.

I was not able to write what I wanted about my 9th Anniversary to my wife Jennifer, which was on Tuesday the 27th, and since she had the same virus, we did not even celebrate it.

Sadly, we do not have a Love Toilet.

In fact, right before the graphics card on my computer crapped out, so to speak, I was working on something for her that was SUPER cool for the occasion. Had to stop because I could not do it on my laptop. Needed the desktop power and the monitor capabilities.

I got so behind because of the …

The Side Dish Drama Continues

When will this family/disabled child blog actually return to its roots? Soon I promise!!! Probably should, too, as the readership continues to plummet. Oh well, waddya gonna do? I write this for a few key people that I picture in my head, and always have. And for me, too, and the preservation of my melon.

Anyone else that gets anything out of it is an extra blessing. Would I love it if it was more popular? Yeah, sure, I'm still a HUMAN BEING (at least...I think I am...sometimes) and I know ways I could get it more exposed. But I gotta balance my priorities I suppose.

I do have some Bennett-related stuff I want to get to, but I am still dealing with my friggin' computer, not to mention a nasty post Christmas stomach virus for the past two days. least I didn't go the 'Yule Log' route this post was originally headed. Even I have my limits.

You can thank me later.

As far as the computer goes, as it turns out, it was not a Fried Monitor at all.

It was Fried …

The Perfect Side Dish Is?

What is the perfect side dish for Fried Monitor?

Well, in case you are planning a dinner party and are serving a feast that is featuring such a delicacy, I have discovered the answer!

And lest you think there this is any sort of inspiration from Elizabeth's blog, 'TIS NOT! Here there not be cakes or pies or other amazingly tasty treats. Sorry, but you'll have to seek those and other candy-coated shells of a moon at her site.

And lest you think this is any sort of inspiration derived from Claire's blog, 'TIS NOT! Here there not be oodles of coffee porn, with images of luscious latte's and captivating cappuccino. She's got plenty of those items if that's yer fancy.


Here you get none of those delights, here you get a side dish of Dead Battery to go with your Fried Monitor. Perhaps you were expecting something a little more...cheerful?


OK, so MAYBE I've evolved slightly past Neanderthal over the past, oh...year or so, to w…

What's a Good Side Dish for Fried Monitor?

Never fails does it?

You get all excited because you know that TIS THE SEASON. You know that some extra cash is going to be coming in. Gift cards, the green stuff itself, and you know that you'll probably have a little extra dough to play with this month because...well, it is just that time of year.

And there has been a little issue regarding the TV that we had been trying to solve for a while.

Now I know some people have a TV in every room, even in the crapper. We aren't those people. I also know that there are people who have only one TV, or who have a TV that is a piece of junk, and who would give their left one to have a TV like the one we have. So I do appreciate what we've got.

And we have a MONSTER.

Now, the MONSTER was purchased back when we weren't in the position we are in now. Jen had a different job, one that was...well, let's just say better. I had a...well, let's just say a future that was more...promising. We paid cash for it, AND we got it as t…

I Think I'm Gonna Hurl

This week has been full of surprises.

And not just of the kind that have been spawned by keeping my head OUT of the world of X-Box Live. Though it has certainly helped to spend more time with the family, don't get me wrong, and I have made some amazing strides in getting to some things that have been languishing of late, and not just me in the role of 'Daddy'.

For example, dealing with the giant piles of junk in the basement that ALL got shifted around when our house started falling apart. Started making a dent in that the other night. Trying to get all that moved, organized, settled. Found a few things I thought we'd lost or misplaced. That's always nice.

Too bad it wasn't a wad of cash, and I'll tell you why.

Because right now, a wad of cash might quell my urge to vomit.

See, over at Mission: iPossible!, we ran an iPad giveaway over the past two weeks right? Well, at first I was like...hmm...I really screwed up here, because since I have been in La-La La…

An iPad Question (or 2) Answered

Day Two of Operation: UnPlugged went well. I did not implode. That older boy of mine is smart as a WHIP. He can spell like crazy. I was blown away again sitting with him and his homework.

Tuesday nights are 'Bennett Stays at Grandparents Night' so it was just the three of us, and with me being emotionally available for a change, it was actually a little better all the way around. Carter enjoyed it. A lot. I really didn't realize what an absentee Father I had been of late to him.

He's such a great kid.

I'm going to introduce 'Daturday' each month to him after this weekend (we have a Christmas party). It is a new idea I have been toying with when it comes to trying to spend more time with him since he always gets the shaft because of Bennett's disability.

It involves him, me, and one Saturday a month where we do something super cool and utterly different. Since we don't do the breakfasts anymore since he doesn't do the Day Care thing, we should t…


Sometime in the Fall, I can't remember how or when, I started to feel like a big steaming pile of...yeah, do I need to say it?

And ever since, this blog has suffered...oh my has it suffered. It has limped along, getting weaker by the day, losing followers, losing readership. Every so often I give it an in injection of...something, but it is like being a bad partner in a relationship.

I'm never giving it enough. And I know it.

Here's the real rub.

Thing's haven't been totally horrible. I mean, the same crap exists now that has existed for awhile, the same junk that has been mind-trippin' me for months. But things, from a day-to-day kind of perspective, didn't suddenly take a nose dive or anything. At least...I didn't think they did.

So why did I plug myself back into my X-Box like I did back when things really were VERY bad? Is it as simple as just being addicted? Or is the answer more complicated?

Dunno. It is usually the latter. Why does it always hav…

Christmas iPad Giveaway at Mission: iPossible!

If you've followed this blog for any length of time, you pretty much know the full story behind a charitable foundation that sprang forth from an iPad contest gone disastrously wrong over the Spring and Summer earlier this year. That organization, which came to be known as Mission: iPossible!, went on to complete its Mission One project at a pace I think everyone, myself included, was stunned by.

In some unreal number like 76 days or some such, the Special Needs Community pooled its collective resources, came together and raised slightly more than $11,000.00 to purchase and ship 20 iPads to 20 kids with communication-related disabilities.

It was a very diverse mixture of folks, which from a personal perspective I found interesting, because it allowed me a fantastic opportunity as a Special Needs father to see a lot of aspects of how the technology helps kids from a lot of different perspectives.

I gained as much from the experience as I put in, maybe even more. But I have writte…

I Thought That No Tonsils Meant No Sicky Sicky?

Isn't that title sort of self-explanatory?

But I can't just leave it at that. Besides, this is BLOGGER, not TWITTER. You know, I don't do the whole Twitter thing. I don't Twat, or Twirt, or Twoot, or whatever they call it. Hell, I don't even do the whole Status Update thing on Facebook very often, though I do use it on occasion.

Nah, were I a Super-Villain I would probably be The Riddler.

Mr. Verbosity. Very prone to lots of talk, talk, talk. Or in this case write, write, write. Edward least as he is portrayed in the game Batman: Arkham City (arguably my favorite game of the year and easily on my top five ALL TIME) really can't shut up, and sadly that would be me.

And yet, would be hard-pressed to find me around these parts.

I was going to deluge last week. I had my whole LOFTY 2011 ready to go. Remember that from last year all Ye Faithful? My List of Thankful Things? Two things made me not do it.

One, my technology issues. Slowed me do…

Amazing What Happens When Technology Fails You

You don't realize how much you become dependent on a technology until you can't use it.

Typically in this House of Dripping Walls, it is when the power goes out, which happens quite a lot. And it ALWAYS happens during times that leave me shaking my head. Could be raining like the 40 Days outside and the power doesn't flutter a bit, but on a sunny, moderate day in mid-May suddenly power for 3 hours.

We live on the shittiest grid in the county.

But I'm not talking about power, I'm talking about other technology. This time I am talking about e-mail. I have several e-mail addresses, all used for different things. Many for my freelance business and part-time eBay stuff, others for Mission: iPossible, and still others for personal use. All filtered to this computer through a single e-mail program for my convenience.

I maintain my own FTP and a few web addresses for all this stuff, and the main host/server that I use was getting pummeled by junk mail lately, …

Two Pieces of Buried Treasure

I am a Hoarder.

I've gone over this before. And the truth is, Thank God I am. It has served me very well in these dark days of self/un-employment as I try to figure out where to steer my career now, because so many of the things I have hoarded in my life can be sold off as needed to make ends meet.

I hoard personal stuff too, though. Photos, letters, and not just those made of paper. The digital kind. I recently stumbled across both types, each related to the other, while I was trying to organize what is, essentially, the un-organizable.

One was a small cache of ACTUAL physical printed photographs of Bennett when he was in the NICU, that first week or two when he was born. I did not take them. I think his Aunt Mandy did, though I am not entirely sure. And I am not entirely sure how they ended up in my hands either.

But they did, and I found 'em, so I eventually got to them in my rather large 'TO BE SCANNED' pile.

The other find was that of the digital variety. I might…