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The F-Word

You know how much I love it. The way it rolls so effortlessly off the tongue. Or the fingertip. Oh F-Word, how I love to pepper you into every conversation, using you to spice up even the most mundane of topics.

Sadly, the F-Word I am talking about in this post is Flu, not the other one. (Well, technically it is an 'i-word'...INFLUENZA, but then I could not be clever, could I?)

This F-Word I hate, with a red-hot-poker-in-yer-ass* passion.

Bennett has it.


Saturday night, when his fever was back up in the 104 range, we took him to the Urgent Care. You don't FUCK around (ah...there you are my old friend) with fevers in that range with a kid who has a history of Epilepsy, so off we went. They did a swab test and he did test positive for Flu. I didn't even know they could DO that. Shows you what a moron I am.

Well, at least he doesn't have any infections that we KNOW of. Yet.

But that means he is still home, and I am still tied up with him here. Cranky today. He is …

No Time

That is a real clock you can actually buy I think.

Me wantee.

Bennett is still sick. But in the grand scheme? Minor.

I had his quarterly review, have to talk about that, yesterday. The 'encounter' with the Home Health Aide who actually did show up to the house because she had no home phone as it turns out, so I was the one who had to actually tell her she was fired even though I didn't even hire her in the first place, have to talk about that.

And more, certainly.

Not a lot of time right now though. Perhaps later.


Some Say the World Will End in Fire, Some Say in Ice

I say it will be some nasty virus that will have us all bleeding out of our eyes and ears and buttholes.

Hi...I'm back.

SO...I'm all settled in to watch the AFC Championship game on Sunday night, and 20 minutes in we lose power. For the entire game. No snowstorm. No record temperatures. No nothing, except for the fact that we live in a shitty neighborhood in a shitty small town on a shitty grid that loses power at least once a week.

It's usually a quick flash, but sometimes, and always when I am doing something I really WANT to be doing, it is for hours. I really wish I could afford a good goddamn generator, the kind that I could have set up outside that just kicks in when the power goes out so I never experience Service Interruptus again.


But those things cost thousands. And thousands I don't got. I don't got hundreds neither.

Or grammar.

On the heels of that Carter gets sick with something, he's out of school for two days. Carter's kidney thing is also…

New Steelers Coach (If Needed)

Just occurred to me that if the Steelers ever needed a fill-in at a press conference for their very talented and well-respected coach Mike Tomlin if he was unavailable or something...

...he does bear a striking resemblance to J'ywz'gnk Kchhllbrxcstk Et'nrmdndlcvtbrx, more commonly known under his stage name Joh Yowza, one of the singers for the Max Rebo Band, the stage performers in Jabba's Palace in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Just a thought.

See? I don't even NEED weed. I can think this shit up all on my own.


The Psychology of...Blogging?

I have a friend named Kim, whom I have mentioned before in these hallowed pages of Blogzilly. She sends me goofy images to make me laugh most of the time, taking the edge off of my sharper days. Stuff like the above image.

Other times, she sends me things to provoke thought or help me answer questions she knows I am seeking answers to.

Funny that.

It is, at times, as if the glory days of Palisades Toys have not ended. There we are, like Batman and Robin, a team again.

Kim has a great deal of that traditional Southern humility. She would argue about how minimal her role was compared to mine at the old P, I would argue that the best work that came out of Palisades was when she was there.

The fact is, that she really was the final piece of the puzzle when it came to filling out the whole picture in the Product Development department (though there was ONE addition to that puzzle, an unexpected one, call it an unplanned pregnancy in the Product Development family...that I plan to discuss lat…

Home Alone

I'm home alone today...with Bennett.

I'll let that sink in for a moment before I continue.


It's true.

Did I mention before we lost our Home Health Aide? Not like she's dead or under the sofa or anything, she went to Nursing School. She hasn't been replaced yet. They are hard to find for what we need.

Besides, most seem to prefer chilling with the seniors, cause they provide longer blocks of hours and are probably a lot easier to deal with than a kid who screams, kicks, hits and bites and can't tell you what he wants half the time, but the other half is as sweet as a home-baked apple pie.

So any time now, when Bennett is sick, or his school is closed, since I am the one who has the most flexible schedule I get the duty (and the dooty).

The day starts with The Meltdown.

Once he realizes that Mommy isn't coming back, it gets better. My man-boobs just are not as satisfying I guess as Mrs. Lilly's. I can grok that. She also has hair, which he digs tugging on. …

Waiting for Goliath

It is a cold, blustery, dreary Saturday. Very cloudy, but no precipitation is supposed to be headed our way unfortunately. I'm a snow freak. I love the white stuff. None today though.

I noticed my Ravens flag is all ripped up. I put it up THIS YEAR. The quality level of the 'official' NFL licensed flags is SHIT.

That's my 'official' review. Nuff said. I don't think I am getting anymore or allowing anymore to be given to me as gifts. Time to get one hand-made.

I've been trying to keep myself occupied and not think too much about today's pending Divisional Playoff Game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I attacked a few drawers...yes, indeed, I am in fact taking it 'One Drawer at a Time', and it feels pretty good.

Went to the store and just bought a new roll of Velcro Tape. Fuck it. Why tear the house apart for something if I have no idea where it is? Problem solved.

And yet today still has an odd feeling to it. I'm sur…


Panic starts to set in with some folks after day...say 5 or 6 of no entries coming in. The 'OSM' needle (that's the 'Oh Shit Meter' in case ya didn't know) gets up there into the red zone and alarms start going off, whistles blow, I guess maybe a bunch of S.W.A.T. guys start leaping out of helicopters and busting down doors and shit in their brains.

Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's a freakin' COOL exaggeration, yeah?

Truthfully, I've been a WEE bit more melancholy this week than usual. Can't put my finger on anything specifically. Nothing overtly bad has happened. Not to me anyway. I'm not swimming with any floaters wondering what the hell they are or anything weird like that...just have the winter doldrums I suppose.

Doesn't help that I've got a slight cold and Bennett has one too. Besides...that'll pass. Though my throat is beginning to swell, and since Strep seems to be making the rounds at Carter's day care.…

Expect Blogger Re-Work

Seems like everyone of my buds out there in the Blogiverse is changing up their blogs. Some of them are looking quite spiffy.

I've been wanting to make some changes for a while, and now I just gotta. The itch is getting far too big not to scratch. Though I hear they make a special shampoo for that now.

So if you see a lot of weirdness around here lately. I mean, weirdness VISUALLY beyond the weirdness you usually see, it's because I may be trying to work out a few kinks to find the right layout and look I am trying to achieve. Bear with me. I will only be able to devote so much time to it at a clip.

In other news. I can't feel my toes.

Jen's Dad and her brother were here this morning, doing most of the work while i tried to help as best I could installing a new garage door opener on the second garage door we have and the only one that does not have an automatic opener. It's fugging cold out there, in the twenties. I had some heaters out there, they did two things. You …