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Don't get freaky...not a post about poop or any other grotesqueries.

I'm just tired tired.

Over the last two days I've shot 387 things. Not like shot with a gun, put that phone down RIGHT now...I didn't finally reach the tipping point and find myself dazed and confused on top of the local clock tower. Well...not yet anyway. I mean 'shot' with a camera. As in 'taking pictures'.

Little of this. Little of that. Some for work. Some for fun.

All murder on my back, which wants to kick the shit out of me right now, but it can't because it hurts too much.

I'm complaining about it, but as far as the drudgery of the daily grind can go, I actually enjoy doing it. Not necessarily this QUANTITY of stuff, but I do like photographing junk, always have. Just wish I could devote the time and energy to getting better at it.

And the dough. I know if I could toss some cash at a better rig and some better lights I could very easily improve the images tenfold…

Happy Birthday Mrs. Lilly

Happy Birthday! Don't you just love the digital age? When, instead of paper birthday cards, I can take my little block figure representation, change him into my old CMX shirt that I wear all the time since I have so many leftovers and make a sort of Digicard?

Nifty huh?

The numbers 27, 28 and 29 and so oddly interconnected in our relationship, the wife and I. Her birthday is the 28th of March. We were married on the 27th of December. We met on the 28th of August. Bennett had brain surgery on the 27th of August and had his last seizure on the 29th of August.

Strange indeed.


A Love Affair of Polyvinyl Chloride

For the most part, let's be honest, plastic can be Evil.

Where it comes from, what it's made of, the toll it has taken and will take on our planet...most of which nobody fully understands or appreciates, is massive.

And yet, it is everywhere.

It is everything.

It is so interwoven into the essence of our society that if you were to snap your fingers and plastic suddenly disappeared from the surface of the Earth, MASS CHAOS would follow. Our universe might actually start to tear itself apart.

OK, maybe not like Fringe. But stuff would fall apart, that's for sure.

And yet, we do love it so.

We love it so much, we give it our kids every day. And we test the SHIT out of it too, making sure the Phthalates are within specifications set down by the CPSC and that the paint has the least amount of toxic elements possible.

OOPS. I'm don't know what the HELL that stuff means do you? Or even Polyvinyl Chloride? Sometimes I forget I'm not actually WORKING these days.…

Beauty is Dying

By now you've heard the news that Elizabeth Taylor died at the age of 79.

You knew it was coming at some point down the road, you just weren't sure when. The two-time Academy Award winning actress and activist died of heart failure. But that isn't the main point of this post. The main point is, and not to make light of the fact that she passed, is this...

Holy Crap, she was SMOKIN' hot in her prime. As were SO many women from that time period and that 'era', which I am a huge, huge fan of.

Why are the young female stars of today in the public eye so far, far removed from this?

What is the compulsion that leads SO many women, young and not so young, to the knife? And even the men?

I don't know if plastic surgery existed in those days, I really don't, but it seems to me, and I can only look at pictures since I don't have access to Dr. Emmett Brown, that women from the 30's through the middle of the 60's looked very natural.

They were curvy, rounded…

Back in the Swing of Things

Many thanks to those who left such nice comments about my Mom in the last blog I wrote. They were much appreciated. So were the private messages some of you chose to send instead.

I had hoped that the nature of such a 'confessional' would immediately mean that I would feel like a huge weight had been lifted from me and that I would be bouncing around like I had springs on my feet.

Didn't happen.

Though I will admit that I do feel better now that the word is out. I hate secrets. Always have. Always will. It's hard for me to NOT talk about what is going on inside my head, for real, when it affects so many aspects of the daily grind.

Yesterday I had two meetings at Bennett's school and a guy came to the house to examine the roof of our house as part of an estimate that is in the works to figure out just how much of a problem we are looking at (and it's a BIG problem) regarding our home. I can talk about all that shit later.

Suffice it to say, that when Jen came home …

I Gotta Bad Feeling About This...

I'd been having an e-mail exchange with a friend of mine which, for some reason, on one of these last few evenings when I could not sleep, prompted me to go back and re-read some of the blog entries I had made over the past couple of months.

In the words of everybody's favorite overly-pussified robot C-3P0, 'What a desolate place this is.'

I mean...WOW, a lot of the stuff I have been writing about lately has just been DREARY, hasn't it? I'm not suggesting that I have ever been Mr. Happy Fun-Time on a regular basis, but I don't think I have ever been this...GREY...for so long a stretch.

I used to pepper in some funsies much more regularly. A post or two about some toys, maybe some movies, some lists, some this, some that. You know the kind of posts I mean...the ones nobody ever comments on.

THOSE kinds.

The ones with the little block figure guys that I think are awesome and most people are like...How did this freaky guy EVER get laid enough times to be…